John O’Gaunt’s dress of 500 poppies

Hungerford students made a wedding dress completely out of nearly 500 remembrance poppies to remember those left behind after the wars, as well as those lost in fighting.

Hana Goldstraw, Keeley Angell, Leaona Prentice and Nicole Buck of John O’Gaunt school help create the amazing dress as part of their Year 10 textile studies.

Hundreds of other students had the chance to decorate a paper poppy to add to the dress. The aim to was to produce a creation that represents a remembrance poppy and those left behind after the wars.

They worked through breaktimes, lunches and after school to embroider, stitch and quilt the fabric.

The enthusiastic students also got the chance to write out personal messages on small crosses to be displayed outside under their ‘Positivitree’ which was set up to highlight mental health positivity. The photo below shows Luke Morecroft, Maddy Harries, Flynn Waldon and Zoe Gray next to JOG’s Positivitree and their Rememberance Day work.

Principal Alan Henderson said: “These students have created two wonderful displays to visually remember all the lives lost and destroyed because of the wars. They wanted to focus not only on those who lost their lives fighting but also those left behind during the wars. For example, the men who did not marry their sweethearts and the fathers who never got to walk their daughters down the aisle.”




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