Healthy Food for Busy People

Have you ever got home late at night after a long, hard day at work and thought, I am too tired to cook, I just can’t be bothered. Or got a takeaway on the way home, or grabbed a sandwich and eaten on the train home? Even skipped meals during the day due to being too busy?

I have, many a time, and it takes an awful lot of will power to get into the kitchen and cook an evening meal, let alone  a healthy one.  I have an adorable and ever patient husband and two energetic children. There are times when I have felt like Miss Bowline-Hitch from Old Jack’s Boat on CBeebies. Her catchphrase, is ‘Got to go, busy, busy’ with her mobile phone ever attached to her person.

Back in 2012, an article in Cosmopolitan showed that 47% of Brits where having 20 minutes or less for lunch and our ever busy lifestyles were causing us to eat on the go.   More recently, a report by Action on Salt found that some Chinese Takeaway dishes had as much as salt as FIVE McDonald Big Macs and many had more than half an adult’s entire daily allowance. Ouch that is a lot!

Well, I am here to show you that if you are busy, your eating habits don’t have to suffer. If you start to miss meals and grab a muffin/croissant with your coffee or a bar from the vending machine then your body isn’t get the right food. If you eat a restaurant /takeaway meal or pre-prepared meal that you place in the microwave then you will be taking in a high level of fat, salt and sugar and not giving your body the right balance of nutrients it needs.

So, let’s start with looking at dinner.


Again, I will put my hands up and say that I am guilty of wanting a takeaway at the end of the day after working and dealing with kids! However, if you prepare and batch-cook, your freezer will be your friend and a source of a healthy meal that will be ready quickly.

1. Make sure you have a roast on Sunday. That way you have left-overs for week-night suppers. Home make wraps or add some spices and make your own fajitas, add some more veg to the gravy and meat, or serve with rice for a home-made stew.

2. Whole-wheat noodles cook in about 3 minutes in boiling water and a stir fry with chicken, lamb, fish, lean beef and veg can be made in less than 10 minutes. If you have brought vegetables for soup and have some left over, use these.  with any left-over meat from the Sunday roast. All you need are your favourite spices and some soy sauce. Use low salt versions of your favourite Chinese condiments to make it healthier (remember the Action for Salt article above). To top it off, you are making your food go further by using up leftovers.

3. Chilli Con Carne with Rice. This can be batch made and frozen and a portion with Rice works out at 595 calories. Low fat, healthy, source of protein and iron, vitamin B12, and perfect for a cold night, plus you can make it as spicy as you like!

Daily Calorie Count

If you have the following meals during a day:

  • Overnight Oats with dairy-free plant alternative milk
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Chilli Con Carne with Rice

your total calorific intake would be around 949 without snacks. For snacks try dried fruit, rice cakes, even the odd home-made muffin. Even with a muffin the calories would only go up to 1074.

So, with some organisation and preparing ahead, healthy nutritious meals can fit in with your busy lifestyles.


If you want any more information, please get in contact Flick at Ridgeway Nutrition or on 07799 647068.


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