Christmas Travel Tips from Fare Wise Travel

Here at Fare Wise Travel we have lots of ideas for your perfect break this winter and some vital tips when travelling anywhere over Christmas (see below).

Lapland Dreams

There is still time to plan a trip to take your little ones or your grand children to Lapland!

There is only a small window of eight weeks in the year that Father Christmas allows guests to visit him and as most children have lost the magic of Christmas innocence by secondary school, that leaves only 22 months of their life that they can see the elves, go sledging and meet the magical Father Christmas. That’s not long!

To book the dream and see the look of glee on their faces just call us at Fare Wise Travel 01488 68 68 58 and we can make those Lapland dreams come true.

European Christmas Delights

This year you can really experience the delicacies and delights of Christmas custom from traditions across the continent with some of Fare Wise Travel’s hand-picked Christmas escapes!

Create your perfect festive break with a visit to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe in some glorious locations – Hamburg, Nuremberg and the staggeringly beautiful southwest region known as the Rhineland-Palatinate.

There are also some spectacular offers for city breaks in the Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Hungary. Romantically illuminated towns beckon, laden with enchanting and unique wares to make 2019 a truly remarkable Christmas.

Christmas or New Year on the Rhine

We can help you create your own itinerary or you can book an escorted tour to Christmas markets here in the UK or in Europe.

Christmas in the Sun

For a Christmas to remember book:
– an Azamara cruise to magical Arabia & India, the vibrant colours of South America, or Miami to LA the long way! Contact us for voyage dates and prices.
– 7 nights in Orlando from £399 pp!
– Club Med Family destinations in Dominica, Bali or Thailand

And finally, a few general tips, wherever you happen to be off to…

1 If travelling for Christmas don’t wrap presents or carry crackers. The presents may well be opened by customs (and not re-wrapped again) and the crackers will be confiscated.

2 Don’t take all your most expensive jewellery: ostentatious wealth may make you a target for robbers.

3 Be aware of other country’s customs and check the specific requirements for anywhere you are visiting. For instance, a number of places do not allow camouflage shirts, trousers even hats. Bear in mind that customs and taboos can vary from one part of a country to another.

4 Should you need assistance at airports (if, for instance any of your party has mobility problems or if you’re travelling with small children), make sure to arrange this in advance. Most airports have play areas so indulge your youngsters and get rid of some excess energy before the flight.

5 If you have a special diet or a medical condition remember to advise the airline, train operator or cruise line in good time. You should also make sure that any medicines you take with you can be imported into the country/ies you’re visiting. You should also establish whether you can get further supplies should you lose the ones you have or run out while abroad and what they are called locally. Your GP should be able to help.

6 Be flexible and build in enough time to allow for delays. A great idea, therefore, not to book a flight that, if all goes well, will get you to New Zealand just in time for that big family wedding. Also – and this is easy to say sitting at a desk – but try not to get upset if things go wrong or get delayed. Patience is extremely important when traveling.

7 Make a list. If you’re sure you can trust your memory, make it in your head. I can’t trust mine, though, so about a week before I start writing things down. The best bit, of course, is crossing them off as they’re done.

8 Learn common phrases of the local language. If nothing else, “please,” “thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language goes a long way. I also like to learn the word for beer, but that’s just me.

9 Alert your bank and credit card company of your travel plans, particularly if you’re going somewhere you haven’t been before. Some systems depend on algorithms which can interpret a payment made in an unexpected place as a possible case of fraud and put your card on hold.

10 Always buy travel insurance. This is really important so I’ll say it again – always buy travel insurance. A medical emergency can wipe out your savings. Make sure also that you read the small print and check if there any restrictions such as needing to report pre-existing conditions or the fact that the policy might be void if something happens when you’ve had too much to drink. Ensure that cameras and phone are insured when taken out of the country.

11 Make photocopies of important documents like passports, travel documents, driving licence and credit cards (though you might want to delete one of the blocks of numbers and remember that in another way). We advise making two copies, leaving one with someone in the UK you can contact if you need to and taking the other with you (and kept in a different place from the documents themselves).

12 Always bring a sarong. Sarongs can be used as a wrap when you are cold, a sun-shield when you’re hot, a towel when you’re wet, a curtain when you want privacy, a pillow when you want to rest your head or a piece of clothing that can be worn dozens of different ways.


To discuss any of the above, please pop in to Fare Wise Travel on Hungerford High Street for a chat or give us a call on 01488 686858 or email or visit our website

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We’re here to make your dreams come true!

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