Valley Views from the COBI Drone

Note: all images used in this post are ©COBI. For more information about COBI, including contact details and their range of services, please see the foot of the post.

Eastbury in autumn

Taken under clear, warm and sunny skies on the last Saturday of September 2018: Eastbury looking north east towards Eat Garston down the valley.

Eastbury in late summer

The two pictures below were taken from a DJI Phantom 4pro drone using the auto settings. The top one shows the village looking west towards Lambourn; the bottom one is from the other end of the village looking towards East Garston.


No prizes for guessing the location, date or time of day for these ones – evening at Garstonbury, 14 July 2018. Both pictures were taken using a DJI Phantom 4pro drone, all settings on auto and with a warm 81A filter.


Eastbury in mid summer

The picture was taken from a Phantom pro 3 DJI drone, the camera was set to program and it was about 8pm in early July 2017. The drone was approx 250ft above ground level.

Moody View of Eastbury

A spring picture of Eastbury taken from a drone approximately 375 ft high looking east towards East Garston in the distance.

This was taken in the evening (which you can tell from the shadows as we are looking east as the sun is setting behind us to the west) on Tobi’s favourite setting: auto (manual not being required in this instance).

This is actually two images stitched together. Because the drone only shoots landscape, to get this portrait picture a vertical ‘stripe’ was taken from two landscapes, one above the other. The clouds are real but with a wee bit of help from a graduated grey filter and some photo-shop cloning, Who said the camera doesn’t lie!


With the onset of spring comes the now inevitable vast patchwork of yellow spreading throughout the countryside bringing with it the sweet smell of rapeseed blossom.

Here is a short clip from a drone flying over a rape field west of Lambourn.

The video, shot in 4K, was taken from one of COBI’s DJI Phantom 4 Pros with a state-of-the-art 3-axis gimbal to capture super smooth footage.


COBI Aerial Video & Photography

Based in the Lambourn Valley, COBI provides a professional aerial video and photography service with fully qualified pilots approved by the CAA professional drone for all subjects requiring an aerial view including estate agents and roof inspections.

If you would like to know more about their services please visit or call Colin on 07720 379041 or Tobi on‭ 07976 724705‬

Drone Regulations

There are strict rules around flying drones:

1) No person can be within 50m of a drone at anytime, unless totally aware of the drone.
2) A drone pilot must have permission to fly from landowners land.
3) A drone must be in line of sight to the pilot at all times.
4) A drone must never exceed 400ft above ground level.

If you have any questions please make contact – details above.


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