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Friday 21 Sept

Click here to listen to Emma Loveheart from Into the Light Home Healing. Emma explains how an paranormal experience 7 years ago turned her life upside down. From being an HR executive with a normal family life in Newbury, Emma has now become a healer of psychic, geopathic and electro-magnetic stresses and negative energy blocks found in homes and buildings. When she first discovered her abilities she couldn’t believe it but now she is pleased to be able to achieve amazing results for people.

Friday 14 Sept

Click here to listen to local wine educator Brian Davis explain why quality is better than quantity, the small vineyards around the world worth supporting, and how he ended up recording rock’n’roll CDs on the side…

Friday 7 Sept

Click here to hear equine health & safety expert Tim Stutt on his early passion to work with horses, his role as consultant to the producers of the TV series ‘Glue’ from teaching actors to ride like jockeys and put a bridles on, to re-writing racing scenes for the scriptwriter and sourcing retired racehorses and jockey stunt doubles.

Friday 17 August

Click here to hear to listen to interviews with the organisers and participants of Lambourn Village Show and our prize draw winner Anita Tapp (who also made the novelty dog cake at the show).

Friday 10 August

Click here to hear The Venerable Christine Allsopp talk about her life as one of the first women to be ordained in to the Church of England – and about what she feels the Church is and is not getting right today.

Friday 3 August

Click here to hear Jan Doyle (from 25:00) discuss how to make your garden bee-friendly, why bees are so important to our lives and the dangers posed by neonicotinoids. Jan lives in Great Shefford and is Chair of Newbury and District Beekeeper’s Association.

Friday 28 July

Click here to hear Hungerford actor Nick Lumley on working with Mike Leigh in Peterloo, his experiences in Paddington 2, advice for aspiring actors, his most embarrassing moment on stage, his upcoming West End part in Don Quixote, his forthcoming tenure as Constable of the Town and Manor of Hungerford and what rights ‘commoners’ still have in Hungerford.

Friday 20 July

Click here to hear Steve Masters, chair of Eight Bells for Mental Health Charity in Newbury and the West Berkshire Green Party talking about his personal experience of depression, the support provided by Eight Bells and The Green Party’s fight against the green bin charge and current recycling policies.

Friday 13 July

Click here for this week’s show, with an interview (18.30) with domestic violence campaigner Melony Slack about the impact her sister-in-law’s murder had on their family and community, the support that is now available to families at risk and men who want help changing their behaviour, what to do if you suspect a friend or relation is being abused.

Friday 29 June

Click here for this week’s show with Dr Melanie Morgan-Jones who describes her journey from a car accident that left her with serious physical and mental impairment to the very successful practice she now runs in East Garston using homeopathy and Bowen Therapy to treat a wide range of conditions from dyspraxia (formerly described as clumsy child syndrome but now under the official classification of DCD-Developmental Coordination Disorder) to weight and neck/back problems.

Friday 22 June

Click here for this week’s show with Great Shefford author Geraldine McCaughrean (from 37:20) who has this week won the prestigious Carnegie Award and the Indie Booksellers Week Award for her novel Where the World Ends. And Benedict Hutchinson (from 5:30) from King Alfred’s School, lead singer of The Wayfarers, an exciting new indie band who are performing in Wantage on Sat 14 July (click here to book tickets).

Friday 15 June

Click here for this week’s show (that actually starts with end of Yabber Yabber’s interview with David Wickins about Lambourn Carnival) for chat about teenagers, driving, summer special offers at Lambourn Universal Stores and the Spice Valley, World Cup predictions, cloudy water in the valley.

Our guest is local drama teacher Nicola Moran (from 34:00) from Hermitage who is running a 3 day summer drama school in Wantage Summer Arts Festival for young people 15 years and up – based on Anne Frank’s Diaries.

This week’s question: where is the biggest lake in the world (that holds 25% of the planet’s fresh water)?

Friday 8 June

Click here for this week’s show. We started with Vicki Luker who was explaining about the many and varied events at this year’s Wantage Summer Arts Festival: she was  joined (from 10′ 30″) by one of the festival’s performers, Ben Copeland.

From 23′ 08″ we were talking to John Prendergast, one of the founders and directors of Bluebird Care, about some of the issues surrounding the current provision of social care in the area as well as the background to what has been dubbed the ‘care crisis’.

Other topics covered more briefly by Brian and Penny included when to fell trees by railways, whether water companies should be fined for leaks or made to fix them, England’s World Cup chances, two local stories of community action and a round-up of some forthcoming events in the area.

Friday 1 June

Click here for this week’s show with our guest seven-year-old Lexie Kalinowska-Withers from Lambourn who will be sharing her story about being born with a cleft lip and palate. This brave young lady will be talking about her hospital visits, operations and school life. Lexie loves tigers so her track will be Roar by Katy Perry.

Friday 25 May

Click here for this week’s show with our guest Lis Allen from Hungerford talking about her events Talking Bollocks and Vagina Dialogues, her visit to 10 Downing Street and her previous career as a radio presenter for KickFM and BBC Radio Berkshire. Lis currently helps people become more confident in expressing themselves either in public or personal communications.

Friday 11 May

Click here for this week’s show about wine. Thanks to local wine educator Brian Davis for explaining the difference between a £5 and £10 bottle – and the sparkling wine grapes to be proud of on the chalk downs of the North Wessex Downs AONB and the marketing genius of Mateus Rose – plus the madness of trainfares, is it safe to drink our River Lambourn water (which brought us on to our quiz question),  hoarding disorder help from Jo Cooke on Thurs 17 May – plus CCTV, speed limits, fly tipping and recycling

Quiz question: what is HIJLKMNO?

Quiz answer: water (H to O = H2O)

Friday 4 May

Click here for interviews with Mary Wilson about volunteering at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon and with Freddie Tulloch about preparations for the East Garston Bluebell Walk.

Click here for local news, great music and Freddie Tulloch on running a village pub (The Queen’s Arms in East Garston) and Matt Brookfield on why he signed up to become a retained firefighter in Lambourn.

Quiz question: what piece of sporting equipment is 1.5 inches wide and 110 feet long? Answer: a tug of war rope!

Friday 27 April

Click here for our round-up of local news including Neighbourhood Plan in the pipeline for Lambourn and upcoming events this week, with guest Julie Parry from Oscar Pet Foods and animal nutritionist on the importance of diet for your pet’s weight, health, behaviour and allergies, how to protect your pets from ticks. You can get advice from Julie and weigh your dog at the East Garston Bluebell Walk on Bank Holiday Monday 7 May.

Tracks from: Status Quo, Squeeze

Quiz question: what piece of sporting equipment is 1.5 inches wide and 110 feet long?

Friday 20 April

Click here for a round-up of local news including the ongoing Sandleford planning row, surprises at RAF Welford, school appeals, who would be a badger, guest Jon Rich (from 28:00) from Brearley & Rich on what estate agents actually do, the importance of disclosing information and the state of your front door, our need for more on-call fire fighters, golates (pilates with goats), and cricket legend Henry Blofeld at Hungerford Bookshop next Thursday.

With tracks from: The Beatles, Bryan Ferry and Genesis
Quiz question of the week: what was/is LMW 281F ?

Friday 13 April

Click here for an eclectic chat about everything from local council websites, goats teaching pilates, cleaning roadsigns, the relevance of Hocktide, the risks of tweeting, the need for more fire fighters – plus our guest Alison Dean (from 31:00) from Cheek2Cheek Dance on the health benefits of dancing and how to get a reluctant partner on the dance floor.

With tracks from: David Bowie and The Clash.

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