Hungerford War Memorial receives a funding boost from War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme

Hungerford war memorial has benefitted from a grant of £1,120 from War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme, supported by the First World War Memorials Programme and other voluntary contributions from supporters. The money enabled cleaning and re-pointing of the memorial and cleaning and the application of a protective wax to the memorial’s bronze plaques.

Those involved in the project were the Recreation, Amenities and War Memorials Committee on behalf of Hungerford Town Council and IMI (Independent Memorial Inspection). With this year commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War, the Council felt it was important the war memorial was clean and looking its best as it will provide a focus for these commemorations. It felt it should be conserved and protected by not removing or damaging any of its history nor the memorial itself. The Council applied for a grant which helped towards the cost of employing a specialist contractor to undertake the work.

Frances Moreton, Director, War Memorials Trust said, “War memorials are a tangible connection to our shared past creating a link between the fallen and today. It is vital we ensure all our war memorials are in the best possible condition for their age and the charity is delighted to support this project. The centenary of World War I is a wonderful opportunity for local communities across the country to protect and conserve their war memorials. If anyone knows of any other war memorials in need of help please contact us.” For more information, visit the War Memorials Trust website.

Work on the memorial started in 1920 and a dedication service took place on Sunday 24th April 1921. A group of 12 trustees (the Hungerford War Memorial Charity) purchased the land for the purpose of erecting “an obelisk…to perpetuate the memory of the men of Hungerford who gave up their lives for King and Country in the Great War and to inspire patriotism in the present and future generations.”

The Hungerford War Memorial Charity has now ceased to exist and the land now appears to be unregistered. As Hungerford Town Council has a statutory duty to maintain the land, it is considering applying to the Land Registry for a possessory title.

Hungerford Town Council, together with the Royal British Legion, is responsible for the annual Remembrance Day parade which starts at the Town Hall and goes through the town to the memorial.

Also, this year, the Council will be lighting a beacon to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War at the Triangle Field, Priory Road, Hungerford on Sunday 11 November. This event will start from 6.30pm with the Last Post played at 6.55pm prior to the beacon being lit at 7.00pm. Everyone is welcome to this event.


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