How to Rejuvenate Your Post Holiday Skin

Now autumn has set in, your skin may have been left dry and dehydrated from the summer holidays which are now a distant memory. Sun exposure is also the biggest cause of skin ageing. With the colder weather arriving, your skin needs nourishment to help it recover. Here are some ideas on how you can rejuvenate your post holiday skin.

From Sun-Damaged to Sun-Kissed

If you’re concerned about the amount of sun exposure your skin has had, then skin clinics like Andresa have a range of services that will not only prevent the signs of damage appearing, but will also remove or reduce discolouration, pigmentation and loss of elasticity from prolonged sun exposure.
3D Digital Skin Analysis enables you to see precisely where damage has occurred so that you can tackle both visible and forthcoming issues. Treatments like IPL skin rejuvenation treatments, enzyme skin revision facials, skin peels and the Laser 4D laser facelift will keep your skin looking healthy, whilst keeping sun spots and skin ageing at bay.

Keep hydrated

Drink lots of water – at least 1.5 litres a day to keep your skin hydrated. Also reduce your alcohol intake and drinks high in caffeine as these will further dehydrate your skin.

4D Laser Lift – The Lunchtime Facelift

Andresa was one of the first UK clinics to introduce the ClearLift 4D laser non-surgical facelift, and the results have been so outstanding that industry insiders are predicting a flurry of awards. This laser treatment makes your skin firmer while maintaining natural movement, and is suitable for fine or deep lines, including on the lips. If you’re not a fan of needles, or are looking to avoid invasive treatments, this is the perfect way to achieve a natural, youthful look with no pain and no downtime.

Skin-Boosting Stem Cells

DermaQuest’s incredible range of active serums containing plant stem cells, including the Stem Cell Facial, penetrates every layer of your skin, promotes collagen production and encourages healthy skin cell activity. Combine this with a prescriptive skincare programme for home use, and you’ll achieve year-round radiance.

Back-to-School Blues?

Now the children have gone back to school, whether you just need an hour to yourself or feel you need a little ‘lift’ after caring for everyone else over the holidays, this could be the time to book in for a relaxing skin treatment and have some time for you, so you arrive back home smiling and feeling uplifted.


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