World Renowned Skin Expert Visits Andresa

Do you know it’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve written about the incredible results I have been able to achieve for my clients with Dr Danné Montague-King’s ‘DMK’ range.  Since then, more and more women, men and teenagers have come to clinic and been blown away by the transformation in their skin health through his pioneering techniques, treatments and home care programmes.

You can imagine my delight then when Danné and his team dedicated a whole day (in between visiting Fenwicks to launch his new Transgenesis range, and heading back home to Beverley Hills where a visit to the White House beckons) to talk about his ethos and approach to skin health; and what a fantastic experience it was.

Cat Dewar, Dr Danne Montague King, Barbara Fontana and owner of Andresa, Theresa FleetwoodIMG_1894

Danné’s mantra is “Renew, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain’ and he uses the very best botanicals to create products and treatments based on scientific research, but that didn’t mean our audience spent hours being blinded by science.  Dr Montague-King takes a refreshingly honest approach to discussing skin-health and he talked frankly and openly about his experiences with acne and his views on setting realistic expectations when it comes to how quickly we should expect treatments to work.

A warm and engaging speaker, Danné used great humour and interesting analogies when explaining how the appearance of acne can begin with stress and how a chance encounter in Inner Mongolia led to his introduction to Wild Sea Buckthorn which now takes pride of place in many of his anti-inflammatory solutions.  During the course of just under two hours he managed to educate, entertain and even empower some of our audience as he talked with great passion about his belief that everyone has the right to find, and be, the best version of themselves whether they’re fresh out of high school or starting again at fifty.

Danné also told us some delicious stories charting his journey from acne suffering teenager to the head of a skincare empire taking in the 60’s, celebrities and royalty along the way, which feature in his book which is about to be released called “The Maybelline Boy”.

If you’d like to learn more about the pioneering work of skin expert Dr Danné Montague-King and how the DMK products and therapies could help you to achieve the best possible health for your skin, please contact Andresa for a free consultation by calling 01635 800183 or visit out website to find out more


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