Winter Sun Camping Rallies, discover a new way to camp.

Hello fellow campers, as we head off into Autumn and Winter, you maybe thinking ‘I need warmth, don’t let summer end’. Fret not, for we bring you a solution to your sun cravings.

In search of the sunSearching for the Sun!

As our eternal search and hope for the sun continues, into our peripheral vision comes the term ‘Winter Rally’.

Now, it has to be said that we’re of the ‘keep ourselves to ourselves’ persuasion so we’ve not considered rallying. Which, when you consider our camping abilities and experience is perhaps a bit odd. Like us. Ha!

Anyway, winter rallying (and camping in the sun in general) piqued our interest, and we wanted to find out more, to see whether we should experiment with winter rallies.

Winter sun Camping Rallies with Camping & Caravanning Club
Courtesy Camping & Caravanning Club
What is a Winter Rally?

Let’s start with the #obvs, what is a rally? Our general thoughts ran on these lines: it’s a bunch of people turning up to a specified location, with one common interest, either the type of campervan/caravan they own, or the location itself.

Ok, but the dictionary tells us:

  • (of troops) come together again in order to continue fighting after a defeat or dispersion, recover or cause to recover in health, spirits, or poise.
  • A mass meeting of people making a political protest or showing support for a cause.
  • A long-distance race for motor vehicles over public roads or rough terrain, typically in several stages.

None of these seem to apply to our vision of camping rallies – unless the caravans are going off road on the Paris-Dakar Rally! So I guess a blend of the first two sort of covers it.

Looking further, it appears that camping rallies are just as we thought:  like-minded campers, going along with their units to meet others at campsites or in fields, to exchange ideas, news and views.

Rallies with the Clubs.
Peniscola Costa del Azahar
Peniscola on Costa del Azahar – Winter Rally 2017

Both the Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club, hold winter sun rallies – usually held between October and May.

Varying in size, so that they appeal to everyone, these rallies are about relaxing on a campsite and soaking up the winter sun. Rally Stewards run the show, offering activities and opportunities to socialise, but within both clubs, they emphasise that you don’t have to join in. So ideal for us unsociable types then!

Where can you find sun in winter? The Spanish coast, the South of France and Portugal’s Algarve are the most popular destinations all with a good chance of sun.

What happens at a rally?

This, if we’re being honest, is the bit that daunts us. The last thing we want is to head down to Spain and end up with enforced jollity a la Butlin’s Holiday Camp. It’s simply not our thing. Hi de Hi – Ho de Ho – no, no no! The aforementioned stewards are your key contacts for both the rally and the surrounding area.

Toe in Water
Brian Uhreen/flickr

On average two activities a day are organised. These could be be dancing, wine tasting or bingo. Eyes down for a full house! The rally gives you support and a certain confidence of being with other club members so there’s help and advice on what to do and where to go.

And you don’t have to go to the whole rally. You can dip in and out, and you most certainly don’t have to join in everything that’s going on. It would appear that it’s more about camping and being with like-minded people.  And, if you’re a single camper, or it’s your first time abroad, a rally is an ideal way to meet others in a safe environment.

How do you rally? Dead simple! From our research The Camping and Caravanning Club Winter Rallies seem to offer the most in choice.

Will you or we venture off to winter rallies?

Well, that’s the 6 million dollar question. Never say never eh? Researching this post has shown us what a rally involves. And, while our youngster is still – well, a youngster, winter rallying remains a ‘maybe’. It’s also shown us that if you’re a single camper or it’s your first time abroad, rallies can be a vital.

But have any of you done any winter rallying? Where do you recommend we go in 7 year’s time?!

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Until next time, have fun whatever you’re doing, and #getoutside.

Jo & Richard

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