Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee (updated)

With the emphasis being placed on British history by exam boards and the continuing interest in the royal family’s various jubilees, births, marriages and wrangles, it seemed worth updating the rhyme listing the monarchs since 1066. In the process, we decided to add a few notes about some of the kings and queens in the poem as well as giving a mention to some of those missing from the original.

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee –
Already, ambiguity:
And so we must at once intrude
Matilda, handsome, proud and rude
Whom Harry said should be his heir,
Though half the barons did not care
To grovel in the Norman dirt
Before a monarch in a skirt.

Harry two – now here’s a thing:
Harry’s son (called ‘the Young King’)
Was crowned while dad was still alive
But died before his father: I’ve
No doubt that future kings did say
‘Let’s not tempt fate in quite this way.’

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Brian Quinn
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Willie, Willie Harry, Ste (updated)


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