What to Pack for Your Luxury Holiday

I’ve been travelling for a living for over twenty years now so like to think I’m a dab hand when it comes to packing. Contrary to what some might believe, travelling to a luxury destination does not require less attention to detail on the packing front so I thought I’d share with you my top tips:

For the flight

Water. Buy a large bottle once you’ve gone through airport security. As attentive as airline staff can be, having a large bottle of water by your side makes sure that you:

  • Drink enough water


  • Have a reminder to make sure that you take a little water with your champagne (although if you can, I would recommend no more than two glasses – alcohol packs a much bigger punch when you’re flying).

A pashmina. Extremely versatile, and light to pack, this should serve as scarf, blanket, headrest and extra layer – and they’re not just for girls! A quick search on “pashminas for men” returned some very masculine, and chic, results.

Your own toiletry bag. I know one lady who insists her husband requests the ladies toiletry bag when he travels business class so he can bring it home for her – but you can only have so many little canvas pouches before your bathroom cabinet overflows. My advice is to create one yourself that contains an eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush, toothpaste plus miniatures of your favourite skin care. It’s a great reason to stop by your nearest Chanel or Neal’s Yard counter and ask for a few samples….


e-Tickets are the norm these days but don’t consign your beautiful travel wallet to the back of the wardrobe just yet! You really should print off a copy as immigration at some destinations, such as Mauritius, will want to see physical proof of your departure flight and date. Phones run out of charge; a paper copy will not let you down!

The right clothes

Some resorts (indeed some islands) have dress-codes for sports and dining. This is especially important for gentlemen. You cannot attend dinner in shorts, a t-shirt and open-toed sandals – make sure you check before you fly!

For those that are playing golf, socks and collared shirts are obligatory. We can normally rescue you if you are in dire wardrobe straits, but far better to take clothes of your own choosing and save yourself unnecessary expense or embarrassment.

If you are planning on visiting holy sites then you must make sure you have the appropriate clothing to cover your head, arms and legs. Always check before you fly – a quick call to us will make sure you’re covered (in all the right places!)

Sports equipment

If you prefer the feel of your own golf clubs or tennis racquets then safe transit of these can be arranged. We always recommend to clients travelling with us that they take their own equipment if they do not have an issue with weight allowance.


Depending on where you’re flying to, it can be cheaper to change your money when you land – we can check this for you. We recommend having a small amount of local currency in cash (around £200) to cover tips, incidentals and emergencies. Check in advance charges that may be levied by your bank or credit card company and always, always leave your valuables locked in a safe if you’re going out for the day. Diamonds may glitter prettily in the sun but they can also attract unwanted attention.

And finally….Susie Smiling!You’re on holiday, so make sure you pack your best mood and a big smile!

If you want a stress-free holiday experience, packed with expert advice on how to have a perfect break, please contact me – I’d love to help.

Susie Freeman

Susie Freeman Travel


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