Wasps in The House


Robert fromPestCo had an emergency call out from a gentleman who knew for some time that he had a wasps nest on the outside of his house but decided to leave it alone: unwisely, as matters turned out.

One day he noticed a new patch on his bedroom wall, about the size of a 50p coin, which looked damp. He touched the patch with his finger and to his utter surprise his finger went into the wall and thousands of wasps burst into his bedroom.

The patch on the wall wasn’t damp after all. It was actually a small patch of translucent paint with nothing behind it.

The wasps had entered his house from the nest on the outside, made a new nest in the internal cavity wall of the bedroom and gradually eaten away the plaster.

If you see a patch you’re not sure about in your house, or a wasps nest on the outside of your house, please feel free to call Robert at on 07796 615 818 for advice before touching it.

And also please do heed Robert’s advice on strimming hedges in the summer – always tap along a hedge first to see if any wasps come out. Otherwise the vibration of the strimmer will really antagonise them.

For help with any pests, contact:

Robert Edwards
01488 670028
07796 615 818


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