Understanding Facebook Reach

Facebook reachMany people in business don’t really understand Facebook Reach, or how it affects their Facebook page or adverts. As it can have a big impact on how man y people see your posts as well as you interpret Facebook’s stats and analytics, it’s worth clarifying.

What is Facebook Reach?

Basically Facebook Reach means the number of feeds a post appears in, i.e. whom it is ’shown to’, as opposed to who actually sees it, or stops and reads it. So for clarity’s sake we can call it the Potential Reach, not Actual Reach.

It might seem difficult for Facebook to predict this with any certainty unless someone actually clicks on a post link, or makes a comment or likes it/shares it.

However, in reality the algorithms (the rules by which the data is structured by the system) can predict the potential number of people who might see the post with a good degree of accuracy from where it gets ‘placed’, which depends on the organic reach, timing, and the type of post.

Is Facebook Reach important?

Facebook Reach is incredibly important. This is because of statistics i.e. the better the reach, the more people will be shown your post or advert. This in turn increases the number of people who potentially (on a percentage basis) might read it and engage with it.

Engagement is the Holy Grail here, as it is on all social media and in all marketing arenas. This is because interacting with people is how you get a result. On social media this usually how many click throughs (track on Google analytics as well as Facebook and tally up) to your landing page there are and what actions people take once they are there.

Any engagement is also good as it will increase future reach, thus creating a nice little virtuous circle of social media goodness. This is because Facebook will deem a post with good engagement to be popular, which equals important, and will therefore show it to even more people.

So higher reach should result in better engagement on social media (if you are doing it properly). This is turn should result in higher traffic to the landing page on your website, and thence higher conversions and sales if you’ve got everything set up properly, which is basically why Reach is so important.


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