Have you thought how the Referendum might affect your personal finances?

I have been reading an awful lot about the referendum and like everyone else I don’t know what the result will be. But it is important that you are comfortable ahead of the Referendum that your financial situation is as best planned as you can be with the information you have.

Not knowing what the outcome will be means not really knowing what the impact is likely to be in terms of cold hard cash value to your pensions or investment holdings. But it is important to establish how you feel about what either Brexit or Remain may mean to you and your own personal financial situation.

You may be invested in funds in line with your Attitude to Risk and your Capacity for Loss profile, (you probably had to fill out one of those questionnaires when you took out your plan) whatever that may be for the long term. But the short term uncertainty around the referendum brings its own different risks.

For you as an individual, it could be that a strategy to cope with either situation is important, or to be comfortable with a worst case scenario. I think it is vital for you to at least have an opinion on what the possible impact could be either way on your own financial situation.

Unfortunately, there is no similar event to look back to in the past to gauge what may occur so it is, in my opinion, important to know your options and be comfortable with your choices.


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