Hungerford Writing Competiton 2014: Third Place (7 – 11 yrs) Jessica Thomas

Third place (7 – 11 years) Jessica Rose Thomas, Aged 7 St Nicolas C of E Junior School, Newbury.


The mist was rising.

I was lost.

In the darkness of the sea.

Not even a shiny lamp will guide me,

In the coldness of the sea.


The mist was rising.

I was lost.

Beneath the waves of

Dark blue.

Everything lost, everything mist.

Nothing seen apart from you.


The mist was rising.

I was lost.

Homesick as I drift away.

I want to scream.

Memories of my wooden house,

Now are just a dream.


The mist was rising.

I was lost.

I watch as my star fades.

Nothing is the same.

I am sinking in the darkness,

Relax the ocean says.


The mist was saying

Its goodbye,

Slow, soft, whisper, deep.

I can’t wait to see

My parents

And dance to heaven’s beat.


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