The Collector

It must have been close to midnight when I came back. There were no lights on downstairs so Judy had gone to bed. She doesn’t normally stay up when I’m out seeing a seller anyway.

I shifted the sack to my other hand. As I crossed the road I checked both ways. Habit, really. Nothing to worry about. No one around at this time of night, just a couple of drunks arguing further down the street. One of them was complaining, the other one trying to calm his mate down. If it was his mate. What did I care.

I opened the front door, went in and bolted it. The hall was dark and I felt along the wall for the switch, not the main one but the one that does the light at the top of the stairs down to the basement.

I put the sack down and flexed my fingers. It wasn’t heavy but awkward. I should have brought a bag, proper job with handles, but I was only planning on buying two. Couldn’t resist them, though, so there were six in here. The sack was all he had. Obviously didn’t expect to make that kind of a sale, had nothing to offer me to transport them. Small point but it made me mark him down as an amateur. Perhaps I shouldn’t have paid so much. Amateurs can go two ways – they can be bullied or they hold out for a silly price. With pros, you know where you are. There’s leeway and you both haggle but you know and he knows there’s a max and a min. Amateurs have no idea. Still, I’ve got them now. That’s what counts.

I picked up the sack again and opened the basement door. There was another light switch here, one I didn’t need to feel for. Left-arm job, up and back to the wall above the door frame. Not where you’d expect. That’s the point. Never know when an extra few seconds might make a difference.


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Brian Quinn

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