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Letters of thanks from Penny Post readers:

“As the end of the year draws nearer I felt I must write to you to say what a difference PP has made to so many people this past year. Through PP I have received toys, games, bed linen, books, riding gear… the list goes on and on. I wish everyone could see the look on people’s faces when I am able to provide them with things they need but cannot afford to buy and it’s FREE!”

Philomena Buck, Family Support Worker

“Following an article you put in the Penny Post about the creation of the West Berkshire Foodbank I contacted the organiser and as a result I now volunteer in the warehouse in Greenham Park every Wednesday.”

John P, Lambourn

“What a wonderful informative post please add me to your mailing list.”

Liz C, Hungerford

“Many thanks for including us in your email – just today I’ve already had one request from someone wanting to become a volunteer baker, one cake request and one lady asking for more information about how to refer children – all of whom saw your email.”

Anna, Free Cakes for Kids

“Any chance I could get a copy of the last news letter? I was keeping it as it had some good info on jobs for univ. students during summer and wanted to show my step son and accidentally deleted it! Fingers crossed.”

Sian P, Hungerford

“I have just read your piece in ‘Penny Post’ and I would very much like to volunteer as a helper for the Food Bank.  Please could you send me some information regarding this.”

E. Smith (Mrs)

“Just to report in that I have now taken delivery of three lovely Black Rock hens from Jan Fox at Chicken Essentials at Kingsclere.  They’re not young girls but are really sweet and will have a good home. Result!!  –  cheque in the post.”


“I’ve been receiving your Penny Posts for a few weeks now and I just wanted to say how interesting I find the content. It’s great to get a heads up for some of the events that are on in the area, many of which I wouldn’t hear about otherwise. I know that there is  lot of effort that goes on to produce such a publication so I send this with my thanks for such an informative read”

Kevin T

“Thank you for featuring my doctoral research programme. One of your readers’ sons is now on my programme and I have referred a couple more to other practioners. What is important  here is that links are being forged between professionals and families in our region. I was also grateful for your help promoting my research fundraiser at Sheepdrove.

It is a blessing for us to have the weekly news of what goes on in this region at the touch of a button and I don’t under estimate for one moment the work that goes on behind the scenes to produce this valuable resource. Long may it continue.”

Melanie M-J



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