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Two companies have been fined a total of £40,000 for making abandoned calls, regulator Ofcom has announced

Investigations into Green Deal Savings Limited and MYIML Limited found “persistent misuse” of telephone services by both companies.

More than half of mobile phone users have been targeted by phone scammers in the past year, new research has revealed

Cold call scams typically involve fraudsters tricking victims into believing they are speaking to their Bank, Building Society or a Police officer in order to gain access to their accounts.   Locally, people are still receiving calls purporting to be from the Police advising that they need to collect your cards etc.

Your Bank or Police will never ask you or do:

  • Your four digit card PIN or your online banking password
  • To withdraw money to hand over to them for safekeeping
  • To transfer money to a new account for fraud reasons
  • Send someone to your home to collect your cash, PIN, payment card or cheque book if you are a victim of fraud
  • Ask you to purchase goods using your card and then hand them over for safekeeping

Once again I have been told about telephone calls being received from people saying that they are from Microsoft Tech Support, Windows Live or BT Internet Support.  Many claim that an area survey has shown that your computer may be subject to a virus/system errors. The person will request remote access to your PC and then steal personal information from the PC or upload malware. Incoming ‘tech support’ calls are always scams – hang up!

Calls have been received recently from a company called SSH Fire & Security based in West Midlands saying that they are in the area and would like to visit to discuss a safety awareness campaign.  They are only trying to sell products such as monitored alarms, smoke alarms and CCTV.   We have in the past had similar companies such as SAS and Direct Response Security using similar tactics.  If you require any of these products, it is best to go to a local company and preferably one that is recommended to you.

Where to Get More Help

Your local Neighbourhood Action Group websites which contain lots of useful information about telephone scams and gives residents the opportunity to contact their NAG via the website if they have any issues in their area.  Websites currently up and running are for Newbury SW, Shaw/Speen/Donnington and Thatcham.   These web pages can be found by going into the website: and then click on Find your NAG.

The Thames Valley NHW Association provides various information, including personal alarms, SmartWater etc that can be purchased via Val McPherson, as well as promoting Neighbourhood Watch and listing events/meetings etc.

National Neighbourhood Watch gives you the opportunity to list your local NHW scheme and receive their newsletter.   There are only a few local schemes currently shown on this site and I would encourage Co-ordinators to add their information.

Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline:  03454 040506.


Angela Money

Newbury SouthWest NAG


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