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Imagine what it would be like to be able to find things easily and have an organised, clutter-free home. How would it feel to have more time to do what you enjoy the most?

The organisation of your home can get out of control for a variety of reasons. However, when we do hit those bumps in the road and suffer a bereavement, go through a divorce, change job, have a baby or move house, life can become even more of a challenge and that is where Tapioca Tidy really lend a hand.

Tapioca Tidy is here to make life easier for you if you feel:

  • Overwhelmed by clutter
  • A craving for simplicity
  • Weighed down by ‘stuff’
  • A yearning for organisation
  • The need for ‘space’ to think and breath

Tapioca Tidy offers a range of services, support and project management, including the following:-

  • General de-cluttering of your home or office (from sock drawer to attic!)
  • Support with all aspects of moving to a new house
  • The filing and organising of confidential paperwork
  • PA at Home service

Listen to Jo from Tapioca Tidy sharing some tips on BBC Radio Berkshire (from approx 13:00).

General de-cluttering of your home

‘Stuff’ is all around us and can often become overwhelming. It could be that you’re expecting a baby and need help in preparing your home for this exciting event, or your wardrobe is jam-packed yet you can’t find a thing to wear. Perhaps your nest is now empty, or your garage is bulging, or you simply cannot find your national insurance number. You just might be feeling completely weighed down by it all, and that is where Tapioca Tidy can help.

Moving House

Moving to a new house is one of life’s most stressful experiences, no matter how organised you are. The practicalities of a house move and all that is involved can be daunting so why not let me help?

Organising confidential paperwork and bills?

Every day we are bombarded with paperwork. Do you suffer from paper procrastination? It could be that you need support with completing forms, organising a filing system for those all-important documents, reviewing your utility bills, and/or your VAT may be overdue.

PA at Home service

Does your ‘To Do’ List still include resolutions made last year? Let Tapioca Tidy help with your ever-growing list of things that you simply hate doing and have difficulty finding the time to complete. Tapioca Tidy can assist you with the following tasks on a regular or ad hoc basis with a highly confidential, discreet and efficient service:

  • All personal administration including opening the post
  • Paying bills
  • Filing and organising paperwork
Client Reviews & Testimonials

Jo’s diplomacy is legendary! I trust Jo to instinctively know what to keep and what to recycle. Jo has an innate sense of what is precious to you and what you can live without. I enjoyed the whole process of decluttering. Kathryn, Stisted

I knew my house was in a mess but didn’t have the time or inclination to improve the situation. Jo has sorted many areas of my life from a DVD cupboard to ten years of unfiled bank statements. I feel so much better. Lorraine, Bromley

Jo can assess a situation, sum up what is required, and offer an appropriate solution. The end result is a clearer house and a clearer head. Good luck! Kim, Pangbourne 

How to Contact Tapioca Tidy

Please contact Jo Cooke on:

07950 364798



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