Suzanne Taylor receives MBE for services to education

Suzanne Taylor, headteacher at Hungerford Nursery School was recently awarded an MBE for her services to education on Thursday 8 March at Buckingham Palace.

Here is a short piece from Suzanne detailing her incredible experience.

Investiture at Buckingham Palace

What an amazing day!  It seemed like a dream:  driving with my family through the big front gates, across the front courtyard, passing the Guardsmen in their bearskins, on into the quadrangle in the middle of Buckingham Palace – stepping out under the porch and walking along the red carpet.

Being ushered into the Palace and then waiting to be presented with my MBE, I was talking with a wide range of people from every walk of life from across the whole UK and being instructed how to curtsey, and how to address HRH The Prince of Wales.  

We all queued up to be taken through to the ante-chamber, hearing a beautiful string orchestra playing in the ballroom. My family were watching from their seats in the audience.

Escorted by two Gurkha Officers and by Yeomen of the Guard in full dress uniforms, The Prince of Wales was already on the dais, presenting awards to all the recipients.  Suddenly, I was being called through to stand next to the Gentleman Usher and await my name to be called by Lord Chamberlain.

Trying to recall all the instructions and remember to curtsey, I found myself standing in front of Prince Charles – he was pinning the MBE insignia on me, asking me questions and chatting, then I was shaking his hand, stepping back, remembering to curtsey again – and I was away.  

All over so quickly, then waiting with all the recipients and our families for photos be taken. I loved every moment and it seems impossible that it is all over now.

I am grateful to the many people who put me forward for this honour, my wonderful family and to the Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children and Families team, whose outstanding work this award recognises.


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