Story Seekers at Hungerford Primary School

HPS Story Event

Local author Geraldine McCaughrean visited Hungerford Primary School this week as part of a joint Story Seekers project between the school and Hungerford Bookshop to inspire reading.

The Story Seekers project, which has been developed for Year 3, will encourage children to read and explore ideas around three books; Pittipat, Saucer of Moon, Hubble Bubble: The Pesky Pirate Prank and The Dragonsitter. With the help of interactive drama and creative writing workshops, children will create artwork (which will be displayed in the bookshop), stories, poems and short plays. They will perform at school assembly and there will be an awards ceremony in the bookshop.

Geraldine McCaughrean, (who has written over 150 books for children) ran story making games with pupils in Year 3 at the school on Tuesday 12 May. Tracey Corderoy (an award-winning writer of books for young children) will perform her ‘magic’ workshops for all the children in Reception, 1,2 and 3 on Wednesday 3 June.

Josh Lacey (best known for his Grk series) will respond personally to any questions the children have for him and illustrator Garry Parsons will contribute a signed and personalized illustration as a prize for best artwork.

Andrea Hodgkin, who is a bookseller for the award-winning Hungerford Bookshop, and whose son attends Hungerford Primary School, conceived the project in order to encourage better links between the school and the bookshop.“I have been a bookworm for as long as I can remember,” explains Andrea. “I wanted to create a project around three things about which I am passionate; introducing children to the joy of reading, contributing to the community and promoting the value of independent bookshops.”

“We are very excited to be involved in Story Seekers. Children love stories and to be able to meet their creators inspires the children to read and write. Reading is the key to ‘everything’! “Cerys Carter Year 3 teacher.

Updates on the Story Seekers project are soon to be found on and

For any queries please contact Andrea Hodgkin on 01488 683480


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