How to stop junk mail and nuisance phone calls

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Silentcall-Gard:                                08443722325.  This is a free service

(The silent calls are generated by automatic dialling equipment which dial more numbers than there are operators available to take the calls – hence there being no-one there when you answer. This service works by restricting the caller to manual dialling. Unfortunately, it cannot stop Overseas calls).  You can also register on their website:


Telephone Preference Service:        03450700707.  This is a free service

(This is a registration scheme for people who wish to avoid receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls on their landline. Within 28 days of registering, all unwanted marketing calls should stop.  Registration applies to specific telephone numbers, and remains in place until otherwise requested. The scheme offers statutory protection, by placing obligations on marketing companies and others to respect the wishes of subscribers.  It is unlawful, and financial penalties of up to £5000 could be incurred, to make a direct marketing call without first checking the register to see who does not wish to be contacted.)  Unfortunately, it does not stop Overseas calls.  You can also register on their website:


Mobile phone users can now send a text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls           The new service has been launched by the Telephone Preference Service and Ofcom, which enables mobile users to add their number to the UK’s official ‘do not call’ database.  It is illegal for companies to cold call numbers that are registered unless they have a person’s consent to do so but it will not prevent spam text messages. To get on the register, you need to text: TPS, followed by your email address, and send to 78070. Texts are free to send for most as it should be included in your mobile bundle but it does depend on your contract, which could be the case for pay-as-you-go users. Your email address is needed to verify your identity, should you need to make a complaint.  You should notice a gradual reduction in unsolicited sales and marketing calls after a few days, although it can take up to 28 days for the service to become fully effective.


Do you get annoyed when you fill in a form and have to enter your phone number even when you know that the company doesn’t really need it?   What are they going to do with it? Who will they give it to? Your privacy is valuable so protect your phone number with trueCall38!  You just need to enter their phone number 0333 88 88 88 88 (that’s three threes, eight eights,) as your phone number, but if the form wont let you enter the full number then use three threes, seven eights and if, or rather when, they call, those cold callers will hear a short recorded message:-    “trueCall38 is handling my calls. I prefer not to be contacted by phone, so please contact me via my email address.  Goodbye!”    trueCall38 is a completely free service and has won many awards and in independent trials has been shown to block over 95% of nuisance calls. In 2009 trueCall was featured on the BBC TV programme Dragons’ Den and got offers from all five Dragons.   Remember – some companies actually do need your phone number – maybe they need your mobile number to send you a text as part of their validation process, or it’s a flight booking, or a form at a hospital. In these cases it may be better to give them your real number.


Anonymous Caller Rejection: Dial ‘150’ from a BT line. This is a BT service and costs £5.80 per month

(This prevents calls from withheld numbers. If you subscribe to this service, any person or company that withholds their telephone number (i.e. by dialling 141 before the telephone number) will hear a recorded message saying:  “The person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls. Please redial without withholding your number”. After hearing this message the caller is automatically cut off.)

Remember that Doctors, Hospitals and Councils often call from withheld numbers which may mean that you would inadvertently cut off contact from your GP.  If you do really want to block withheld calls you should contact your GP to let them know that you are blocking withheld numbers as the GP then needs to dial 1470 prior to entering the patient’s telephone number and that will ‘reveal’ their number and ensure that it doesn’t get blocked.


Mailing Preference Service (MPS)   Tel 020 7291 3300  Email  Website:  DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SS. (This is a free registration scheme funded by the direct mailing industry.  To avoid receiving unsolicited mail, names and home addresses are removed from lists used by the industry.  Just write to: The Mailing Preference Service, FREEPOST 22, London W1E 7EZ, stating that you would like your details included to stop receiving unsolicited direct mail.  Some unwanted mail may continue for a few weeks after registration.  The service stops most unsolicited advertising material addressed to individuals personally being delivered to their home address by post, but they will continue to receive advertising from companies with which consumers have done business, or charities to which they have donated in the past. If this mail is not wanted any more, it can only be stopped by contacting the individual company or charity directly.

Businesses pay Royal Mail to deliver promotional literature to households.  The resident can ‘opt-out’ of this simply by completing a form which can then reduce the volume of ‘junk mail’ being delivered.  It’s free and easy – complete form and return to Royal Mail (freepost).  Royal Mail webpage is:  . It can take up to six weeks for the junk mail to stop.  Royal Mail warn that residents may also stop receiving local and central government mailings giving important information, so it will stop any local newsletter delivered on behalf of the Council.  Election correspondence from political parties will still be delivered and the public health Swine Flu information leaflet delivered in 2009 was delivered to ALL households regardless of opt-out.  The resident will need to re-register every two years and Royal Mail do not notify you that renewal is due – the appearance of junk mail through the letterbox will normally indicate its time to renew!


Businesses can also use other distribution companies to deliver their literature and they are mostly members of the Direct Marketing Association.  Residents can complete a form to opt-out of this mail.  Its free and easy.  For further details, please click on this link: .  It can take up to 12 weeks for the junk mail to stop.  Again residents should be made aware that they may also stop receiving local and central government mailings and also local free newspapers.  It will only apply to distribution companies that are members of the DMA.  The resident will need to re-register every two years.





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