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The host of snowdrops I’ve seen in the last two weeks reminds me that spring is about to arrive.  As March arrives another year continues its ascent towards high summer.

My mother believed in spring cleaning at this time of year.  The weather is good enough to wash and air everything outside, if you pick the right day, and you can open your home up to fresh air.

Psychologically spring represents a new start.  We have survived the dark months of January and February, now we can wake to the possibilities of the year.  In the natural world bulbs shoot up, lambs are born, birds begin to nest – and this affects how we feel.

It is a good time to not just spring clean away dirt, but to clear yourself of habits, possession, even relationships that no longer serve you.  Their history can weigh you down, taking up your time, your energy or space in your home.  Now might be the time to change things that stop you living the life you want to.

A great example of this was Mark, a colleague of mine, who worked as a consultant and coach.  Previously he’d been an academic, and a turning point for him was the day he gave away his entire academic library, a room full of books.  He told me he’d realised they were tying him to the past and stopped him from moving on to a more enjoyable life.

While we might not wish to be as radical as Mark, we all have old belongings gathering dust, things we do because we always have, or people we keep in touch with ‘just because’.  Now’s a chance to take a quick inventory of your life and see what might be holding you back.  Then spring clean it away.

If you’d like to chat about any other life coaching issues, please feel free to contact me on chris.paul@creativedifference.org.uk  I offer a free half hour Life Coaching telephone assessment to see if working together could be beneficial for you. If you’d like to understand more about Life Coaching please watch my video here.

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