When in Spain, speak Spanish! Lesson 3

Angela Quiroga Spanish
Welcome to your Spanish lesson, this is our third lesson and a very exciting one because we are learning the final element of how to ask and understand the reply to the question: where are the toilets/coffee shops/lifts/etc? (To recap Lesson 2 click here)
As well as learning some new verbs to add to our collection of over 20 words, we will familiarize ourselves with one important contraction in Spanish and  the phonetics of the letter G. So little by little in digestible chunks we start understanding and speaking Spanish.
Quick review
¿Dónde está la estación del tren? Está  enfrente del café.
¿Dónde están los aseos? Están a la derecha de la casa de cambio.
contraction in spanish 2
Right, now to the nitty gritty of the lesson: action words such as turn to the left, turn to the right, cross over, go straight ahead will enable us to complete this section and will allow us to venture out through the door of the Barajas airport.
Study the picture below.
Finally at the exit doors, ready to explore Madrid!  Let’s ask anyone just for fun and to test our Spanish where the bus station is. As we probably need to get to the centre of Madrid anyway, we might as well start with this question.
Possibility 1.
Me: Disculpe, ¿dónde está la estación de bus, por favor?
Random person: si, sigue todo recto hasta (until) Starbucks.
Me: muchas gracias
Random person: con mucho gusto (my pleasure)
Possibility 2.
Me: Disculpe, ¿Dónde están los bares de tapas?
Random person: Hmmm, (he pasues and touches his chin whilst thinking) gira a la derecha y cruza la plaza.
Me: Muchas gracias
Random person: Con mucho gusto
Possibility 3.
Me: Disculpe, ¿Dónde está la casa de cambio?
Random person: sigue todo recto y después (then) gira  a la izquierda.
Me: Muchas gracias.
Random person: Con mucho gusto
For the purpose of practice you can do many combinations with all the vocabulary that we have learned.
Make sure you do a few. If you have any questions get in touch.
Keep learning Spanish!

I will be starting a new Spanish course in September. Please contact me to register.


Hasta pronto,  Ángela




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