When in Spain, speak Spanish! Lesson 2

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Welcome to this week’s Spanish lesson. We are still at Barajas airport in Madrid. In Lesson 1 we learned how to ask where certain places are. This week we will learn vocabulary related to where those things are located – words like behind, in front of, to the right of, to the left of and straight ahead. Next lesson we will learn movement words like, turn right , turn left, keep going straight, etc; so that we can use all our knowledge up to this point to formulate the question “Where are the restaurants/bathrooms/etc.?” and to understand the possible reply. This of course can then be translated to any setting you find yourself in, not just the airport.

 Quick review

 ¿Dónde está Starbucks? Where is Starbucks?

¿Dónde están los aseos? Where are the bathrooms?

 Remember in Spanish we use different versions of the same verb depending on who or what we are talking about. That is why above we can see está when we talk about Starbucks (it is) and están when we talk about the bathrooms (they are).

 Now with that in mind, we can focus on learning the words which would answer the above questions.

prepocisiones 1

Now if we ask: ¿Dónde están los aseos? A possible reply might be, están enfrente de Mc Donalds or están a la derecha de los asensores (last week’s vocab, just to keep you on your toes! ).

 ¿DIsculpe,dónde están los aseos por favor?

Están enfrente de Mc Donalds.

Están a la derecha de los asensores.

 Let’s practice doing some sentences with the highlighted words below  and last week’s vocabulary.

 el alquiler de coches (car hire)

la estación del tren ( train station)

la casa de cambio (money exchange)

prepocicsiones correcion prepocisiones dibujo

salidas (departures)

la salida (the way out)

El alquiler de coches está entre la estación del tren  y la casa de cambio.

 La salida está lejos de la casa de cambio.

 La casa de cambio esta  enfrente de los aseos o a la derecha delos aseos (depending on your perspective)

 El café está detrás de los asensores.

 Los aseos están a la derecha de la casa de cambio.

 If you have any questions, do get in touch.

 Now you are ready to do your own sentences.  Using the picture above try your own combinations to embed that vocabulary in your memory so we can add some more Spanish words to your vocabulary bank so you are prepared for next week.

Keep learning Spanish!

I will be starting a new Spanish course in September. Please contact me to register.


Hasta pronto,  Ángela



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