Skincare tips for post-holiday skin

Top Tips by Skin Health Specialist Theresa Fleetwood from Andresa Skin Health Clinic

Now the holidays are nearly over and autumn is on the horizon, your skin may have been left dry and de-hydrated from the summer holidays. Sun exposure is also the biggest cause of skin ageing. With the colder weather arriving in the autumn, your skin needs nourishment now to help it recover. So here are my top skincare tips on how you can rejuvenate your post-holiday skin.

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration
Our bodies lose about 2 litres of water daily and even more in the summer months, so aim to replace this in order to avoid dehydration and limit caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

2. Improve your nutrition
Now the holidays are nearly over and you are back to your normal routines, think about your diet and nutrition which can have a huge impact on your skin. Ensure your diet rich in:

• Vitamin A – for normal cell growth and collagen production. Eat orange, red and yellow fruit, green vegetables and eggs.
• Vitamin C – boosts collagen production and skin elasticity. Eat fresh peppers, berries, tomatoes and citrus fruit.
• Vitamin E –an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Eat unsalted nuts, seeds, broccoli and spinach.
• Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3 and 6 oils – eat at least two portions of oily fish per week, as well as avocado, nuts and seeds.

3. Book in for a 3D Skin Analysis
Having a 3D Digital Skin Analysis enables you to see precisely where sun damage has occurred so that you can tackle both visible and forthcoming issues. If you’re concerned about the amount of sun exposure your skin has had, then skin clinics like Andresa have a range of therapies that will not only prevent the signs of damage appearing, but will also remove or reduce discolouration, pigmentation and loss of elasticity from prolonged sun exposure. Andresa’s NEW Collagen Renewal Treatment is just one of these great treatments.

4. Try the Doctor Babor ECM Repair Serum
This effective active concentrated skin product promotes the intense repair of the extracellular matrix (ECM) improving elastin and collagen formation. Products like these are not available on the high street but need to be prescribed because of their active ingredients which make them very effective.

5. Book in some ‘me’ time – your deserve it!
The children will be going back to school soon, so whether you just need an hour to yourself or feel you need a little ‘lift’ after caring for everyone else over the holidays, this could be the time to book in for a relaxing skin treatment and have some time for you, so you arrive back home smiling and feeling uplifted. Andresa’s New Repair and Renewal Luxury Facial is the ideal way to rejuvenate post-holiday skin using Doctor Babor formulas to repair sun damage and revitalise your skin leaving it looking younger and radiant.

Andresa is 5* skin health clinic offering the very latest bespoke, non-surgical skincare and anti-ageing therapies in an oak-beamed barn conversion in the beautiful surroundings of the Wasing Estate in Aldermaston.
For more information on Andresa Skin Health Clinic go to or call 01635 800183.

Post-holiday Skin Anti-Ageing Taster Day
Thursday 29th September 10am-8pm
Book in for one of Andresa’s post-holiday treatments to rejuvenate your skin at a taster day to try out one of 5 different anti-ageing treatments at half the normal price with a FREE make-up makeover after the treatment. Go to for more information.


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