Shalbourne Gliding Club

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Visit us at Shalbourne Gliding Club and share the thrill of flying over one of England’s most beautiful downland sites. We are located 4 miles south of Hungerford, midway between Marlborough, Newbury and Andover.

Weather permitting, we meet at Rivar Hill Airfield for flying on weekends, Bank Holidays and most Wednesdays.

Trial Gliding Lesson

2 men in gliderIf you’d like to see what flying a glider is like, come along anytime when we’re flying and we’ll fit you in for an initial Gliding Trial Lesson as soon as we can. One flight of approx 15 minutes duration is just £40. Flights can be extended or additional flights provided (as long as weather conditions and other demands on aircraft and instructor’s time permit). However, please note that we cannot process debit or credit cards at the airfield, so please bring cash or a cheque.

Alternatively, you can book gliding trial lessons consisting of a flight of approximately 30 minutes, or two flights if the first is short (due to weather conditions for example) for £75. To arrange a date and time for your lesson at Shalbourne, please contact us to make a booking. Bookings are accepted for Weekends and Bank Holidays. Please contact 01488 504966 (or 07884 220573 on the day).

Training gliders have 2 seats with the pupil sitting in the front of the instructor.


For full membership benefits and winch and flight costs see here.

The Adult Full Membership fee is £325 per year (concessions £275) per person.
Junior/Student Membership is £60 per year. This includes a charge to cover the affiliation fee to the British Gliding Association. Our youngest member is 13 years old.

Reciprocal Membership fee (for members of other clubs visiting Shalbourne) is £5 per day, waived if the visitor’s home club does not charge Reciprocal Fees to Shalbourne members.

Members wishing to keep their own glider (in its trailer) at Shalbourne pay an additional £165 per year per glider.


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