Scam Warning – CryptoLocker

Neighbourhood Watch

Beware of Royal Mail scam emails that contain Cryptolocker. Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails to victims that claim a package is waiting for them at their local sorting office.   The emails are similar to the ones circulating in December but this time fraudsters are hoping that email recipients are waiting for a delivery and download the attachment to find out more.

One victim, who contacted Action Fraud, downloaded the attachment and unwittingly installed CryptoLocker on her computer. Once installed CryptoLocker works by encrypting victim’s personal files such as photos, music, office documents and then demands payment. CryptoLocker is not only received via email:  A victim in Maidenhead was visited by a man claiming to be from a computer company. He had been informed by his company that due to interference on the phone lines, they had received phone calls from local residents in that area that their computers and laptops were having problems and he had been sent to fix them.   If anyone comes to your door with a similar story, refuse them access, take a good look at them so that you can give a good description, close the door and phone the Police on the 101 number immediately.


Angela Money

Chair of Newbury and Thatcham Neighbourhood Watch

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