Ricardo Defazio Adventure Challenge

Pride of Swindon winner Ricardo Defazio has just completed a marathon cycle ride of 440 miles to Italy in 29 hrs in the saddle of a cross bike (which is harder than a road bike).

The route involved 19,100 ft elevation over The Alps and many gruelling hours cycling in the wet and dark. He has calculated that he must have burned 32,000 calories in total.

Storm weather over the first 18 hours made conditions nearly unbearable, forcing the team to change route. The rain was so bad Ricardo didn’t think he would be able to continue through the night (see videos below).

But with the support of his team he kept going through 8 different countries: Netherlands, Belgium, France Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Austria to finish up in Italy.

Ricardo would like to thank Peter Stirling Ltd Hungerford Ford dealers for loan of two vehicles which were a godsend.

Ricardo decided to do this challenge to prove to himself he could do it and to inspire others they can achieve the unthinkable. He is also raising awareness of the Brighter Futures Appeal for a radio therapy unit at Great Western Hospital, Swindon so please click here to donate what you can.

While Ricardo is waiting to hear whether he has achieved a world record, his message is loud and clear: You can do pretty much anything if you are determined and adaptable. He has set this as a bench mark for others to follow.

Your 2018 Adventure Challenge with Ricardo

Ricardo is now offering to help 15 people achieve their own challenges in 2018.

If you’re up for a massive, life changing challenge, Ricardo will help guide, organise and support you from the Seeds2Glory Gym & Wellness Barn he runs with his partner Shiv O’Connell just outside Hungerford. They will even do your challenge with you.

Ricardo is also considering his own next challenge of cycling between and climbing the 3 Peaks (Ben Nevis – 1343m, Scafell Pike – 978m, Snowdon – 1085m).

Ricardo works hard to help others achieve things that they didn’t believe they could do, both mentally and physically. He can show you how to rewire your mind for success.

To discuss your 2018 challenge with Ricardo and Shiv please contact them here:

01488 491158


Videos of Ricardo’s Challenge

“The first 18 hrs of the ride was nearly unbearable . Dark wet and windy, which forced us to change our carefully planned route. However we never stopped”.

“Sunshine at last…”


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