Rhinowolf, the modular, attachable super-tent

As campers, we’re a naturally innovative and inquisitive bunch, and look for new products to enhance our outdoor adventures. And we’re just like you, always on the look out for new design. We came across this, the unique RhinoWolf Super Tent, on Indiegogo.

Rhinowolf All in One Tent

The concept of the tent, is a modular piece with an ‘all in one’ fitted internal sleeping bag and air bed. Weighing approximately 2.5kg, it’s a lightweight, super compact, one person tent. Not only that, it can be joined to other Rhinowolf Super Tents to grow your sleeping arrangements, channelling your inner centipede.Attachable Tents from Rhinowolf


How innovative is it?

Rhinowolf One Pole TentVery. Starting with the one pole innovation. Inserting one super strong pole through the tent fabric, to form a spine. The pole sits in a bar at the bottom, giving you a double wide floor space. The one pole means it’s ideal for single camping use, how often do you find putting up a tent on your own, cumbersome and tricky? The one pole also means the double door size gives maximum airflow, as compared to a standard ‘pole in the middle’ type tent, where the air flows in and stays! We think this part of the tent is the most innovative.

The shell of the RhinoWolf is 15 denier thick, 2000mm Nylon ripstop material, with silicon on both sides.

Mattress & Sleeping Bag in Rhinowolf Tent

This creates a rain and wind proof tent, as well as being tough and durable, everything you need from a tent. It also comes with an inbuilt mosquito net.

Attached to the inside of the tent is a lightweight, air mattress which inflates in just 10-15 breaths. Ergonomically body mapped to limit air movement and provide full body support. The down sleeping bag, is more of a blanket which zips in. It’s a standard size but comes in light, standard and heavy weights (ie two, three and four seasons).


Now fully funded on Indiegogo, the tents will be on sale in November 2017. We can really see this tent in use with motorcyclists, lone hikers, and festival goers. How brilliant to turn up with your mates and connect tents?

Finally, it comes in Pink! ok and green. Options include, buying either just the RhinoWolf Shell, or the full package.

If you buy one, then let us know how you get on. Until next time…. #getoutside.

Jo & Richard

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