Research Success into Treating Boys with Dyspraxia /DCD by Dr Melanie Morgan-Jones

You may recall that in 2013 Penny Post featured news relating to a scientific research Doctorate being undertaken by Melanie Morgan-Jones who runs a practice and children’s clinic in East Garston. Her study related specifically to an investigation into whether an improvement could be made to the neuromuscular function of children with Dyspraxia/Developmental coordination disorder (DCD). The study involved children from the counties of Berkshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire, specifically boys between the ages of 8-11.  (NB 50% of children with Dyspraxia/DCD also have other conditions such as ASD, ADD, ADHD).

Over a 6 week period the children received a non-invasive therapy once a week and the data gathered showed statistically significant improvements in their balance, manual dexterity, aiming and catching, but also in the children’s general control of movement. Importantly, by the conclusion of the study, most of the children, were found to be no longer classified as having the motor coordination difficulties classification. This was according to an internationally recognised diagnostic tool called the MABC-2 (Motor Assessment Battery test-2 for children) which was used to test the children before and after the 6 weeks of Fascia Bowen therapy. Importantly, for these children, their quality of life in terms of performing everyday tasks, improved.

This was the first study of its kind using this particular therapy, namely Fascia Bowen therapy but it was also the first study to test the therapy with children diagnosed with Dyspraxia/DCD. Melanie conducted the research with ethical approval from the University of Bath and was granted her doctorate on April 21st 2015.

Melanie would like to thank all who supported her, especially the parents and teachers who permitted the children to take part, but also the children themselves who were happy to be involved in the study. She would also like to thank individuals who provided help with fund-raising.

Now that the research is concluded Melanie continues to run the children’s clinic from her practice in East Garston where she treats children and adults both with and without diagnosed conditions.  If anyone is interested in the process or would like to know if Melanie could help then she would be happy to receive your enquiry (01488 648741).


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