How to remove wax from your carpet

Handy Household Tips from Jon 2

How to remove wax from a wool carpet (never do this on a synthetic carpet as it will melt the carpet!):

1. Get some brown paper and cut it into strips approximately 20cm wide (about the width of an iron) place one end of the strip over the wax stain.

2. Using an iron on a medium heat apply to the brown paper over the wax stain for a few seconds and then, keeping the iron in place, start pulling the paper across the melting wax under the iron. The paper absorbs the wax thus removing it from the carpet.

3. Repeat with fresh strips of paper until wax is completely removed.

If you’re not sure if your carpet is wool or synthetic or you need any more help with cleaning your carpets or sofas please feel free to contact Jon at Eclipse Cleaning on 01488 670113 or 07723 395457 . Jon is always happy to pop over to take a look and if you need professional help he’ll give you a no obligation quote



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