How to Protect a Small Flock from Bird Flu

DEFRA’s Prevention Zone policy is in force until 28 February to protect poultry and domestic birds from bird flu carried by wild birds flying overhead and pooing near your chickens or contaminating their food and water.

The Heath Robinson Method

We have cobbled together a run cover from stuff we had in the garden – plus a lot of strong bulldog clips as the wind gets under the tarp and threatens to lift the whole thing off.

The Poly Tunnel Method

chicken polytunnel

Midge near Newbury is keeping his ten hens and two bantams in a 2 x 3 metre poly tunnel that he got off eBay for £45.59 including postage.

He has pegged chicken wire to the ground around the outside of the poly tunnel to deter rats from digging in to it.

boot bath for bird fluMidge also keeps one pair of boots at home to wear into the run so he can’t bring in any contaminated poo from wild birds. Before going in or out of the polytunnel he also dips his boots in a disinfectant mixture of 250 ml of Jeyes and 5 litres of water.

So far the hens seem fine with their little chicken prison. They haven’t been pecking each other and Midge gives them treats like melon, sweet corn and Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder cinammon & spice treats (that Midge gets from Tadley Pets).

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