Police Cadet Jordan Buckland

17 year old Jordan Buckland has lived in Hungerford since he was 10 years old and is studying Level 3 Uniformed & Public Services at Reading College. Since a very young boy, Jordan has always wanted to be a police officer.

Two years ago he joined Police Cadets and highly recommends the organisation to anyone interested in finding out about the real life experience of being in the police force.

“There are a lot of TV documentaries that show the action side of being a police officer but they don’t show you the daily behind the scenes reality of being in the force,” explains Jordan.

“As Police Cadets we wear full police uniform with epaulettes and Hi-Vis jackets which state we are TVP Cadets. We work in the community in pairs and we always have an officer nearby.”

Police Cadets meet 7 – 9pm every Wednesday in Reading and Newbury. You can join Cadets when you are 13 years old and stay until you are 18 years old. For instructions on how to apply please visit: Thamesvalley.police.uk/join-us/cadets.

“In Cadets you are taught various types of law, criminology and policing work. We often get involved with community projects such as Reading Pride, Remembrance Day and Open Days. We also raise awareness of the dangers of online bullying and scams. We are also taught how to write statements, how to preserve crime scenes, how to give evidence in court and also a little bit of officer safety training. If a situation was to arise when we are on duty, we are taught to use verbal communicational skills when we join cadets and they develop over time as one cannot simply learn them.”

As a result of his training, Jordan was able to assist an officer who was being attacked in Swindon. Jordan was leaving a restaurant and saw a man trying to stab a police officer with a needle full of heroin. The officer needed assistance and Jordan was able to assist the officer in securing the offender. As a result he received a letter of recognition from Wiltshire Police.

From March, Jordan will be a Cadet Leader in Newbury teaching the new cadets about various aspects of the role including the law.

“When I turn 18 I will apply to become a Special Constable alongside my Level 3 Public Uniform studies. A Special Constable is a volunteer police officer who doesn’t work as many hours as a paid officer but you have all the same powers.

“I expect to be Special Constable for 5 years until I finish studying at 22 years old and can join the police. (Anyone can apply to become a Special Constable. The training takes 8-10 weeks. We are deployed with an experienced officer until we gain our FFIP (Fit For Independent Patrol) title (which takes around 18 months if you have had no prior experience). Click here for more details on how to apply to be a Special Constable.

“I would like to be a response officer (normal police constable), on the street or in a car responding to 999 calls. I don’t want to go up the ranks until my forties.

“As a police officer I will be taught how to suppress someone with non-lethal force. I don’t believe all officers should carry firearms but I do think in this day and age that all police forces need a back-up response firearms team.”

Neighbourhood Watch

Jordan is also the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for Priory Road.

“Drug dealers are operating in Hungerford so we need more local residents to get involved in NHW to help the police know where to target,” explains Jordan. “It doesn’t take much time to keep a look out and report anything that seems suspicious for instance the number plate of a vehicle”.

Jordan has created a Hungerford Neighbourhood Watch Scheme facebook group that anyone can join. All the NHW Co-ordinators can be set up as administrators on the group and all posts are carefully monitored so not to inadvertently spread any inaccurate rumours. If you want to be involved with NHW but aren’t on facebook that’s fine – you can communicate with your neighbours by email or phone.

For more information about Neighbourhood Watch in Hungerford please click here.


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