Planet Zee by Swindon author Jane Forey

Planet Zee is a series of seven children’s books aimed at 6 – 9 year old early readers by Jane Forey. Jane has based some of the characters in the adventure on her pet dogs Fozzy and Rottie. The first book, Journey to the Amazonian is out just in time for Christmas.

Planet ZeePlanet Zee Book One: Journey to the Zamazonian (£4.99)

On Planet Zee there are no humans, only creatures based on animals we all recognise in the real world. And you know they all belong on Planet Zee because dogs are Zogs, cats are Zats and so on.

The story is about a witch called Mischief the Black who is stealing crystals from different areas of the planet. These crystals protect the planet from the evil Gotcha Weed. If a creature touches this weed it makes them sad, takes away all their colour and makes them grey. Prince Fozzy and his friends are on a quest to stop the witch and return everyone back to their happy colourful selves.

This simple adventure story is full of Jane’s imagination, and young readers will be inspired by her magical world to use their own imaginations in the accompanying colouring book (£3).

The books are illustrated by DJ McGhee who studied art & design at the Swindon School of Art and specialises in children’s literature.

Planet Zee Book One: Journey to the Zamazonian is available from Hungerford Bookshop and Amazon.

The Planet Zee Colouring Book is available from Hungerford Bookshop and from Jane at

About Jane Forey

Jane is thrilled by the fantastic response she’s had to her first books, especially as she is dyslexic. Children she has met at book signings have told her they find the books exciting, different, imaginative and interesting.

To find out more about Jane, her dogs and her Planet Zee adventures, visit, like the Planet Zee Club on facebook or follow @JaneForey on twitter





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