How do you want the final decision on our libraries to be made?

WB library petition

The Needs Assessment of West Berkshire’s libraries is progressing and all branches have been visited by the consultants, RedQuadrant. There has been a lot of community support and involvement in this consultation process.

The Plan

RedQuadrant’s report is due to be given to Cllr. Hilary Cole, Executive Member responsible for libraries in West Berkshire, by the end of August. The plan is that Cllr. Cole and her team will then look at the RedQuadrant recommendations and put forward proposals on the future of West Berkshire’s Library Service to the 10-member West Berkshire Executive. The Executive, not the Full Council, will decide which proposal to accept.

The Problem

This process does not allow public scrutiny of the full Needs Assessment Report (only a “summary” will be published) or of the way in which the Executive’s proposals (whatever they are) have been prepared.

The Solution

Please sign this petition to make the decision-making process on such an important issue transparent, cooperative and public by asking that the Full Council, in which all our West Berkshire Councillors have an opportunity to participate, makes the final decision on our libraries. This will help ensure that your views are taken into account in the final decision.

The online link to the Petition (which requires registering on the West Berks council website) is:

Petition title: Full Council Discussion of Library Service Proposals

If you would prefer to sign the paper copy of the petition, you can do so at:
Hungerford Bookshop, Hungerford High St    Open Mon – Sat 9.30am – 5pm, Sun 11am – 3pm
Weavers Coffee Shop, Weavers Walk, Newbury RG14 1AL   Open Mon – Sat 8am – 4.30pm
The Cafe Lambourn
Racing Welfare, Lambourn High St
Or contact Sue Cocker from Friends of Lambourn Library on 07900 221504.

1500 signatures from across West Berkshire are needed by 31 August for the petition to be considered.


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