Personal Relaxation Gift Vouchers

Looking for an unusual gift for a busy person? A personalised MP3 relaxation recording could be just the thing they need. Siobhan Nell Cognitive Hypnotherapist offers Gift Vouchers for an hour’s deep relaxation session and a personalised MP3 recording to download and keep for future deep relaxation at home or in your own time.

One Hour Consultation

During this session at Siobhan’s therapy room in Ramsbury you will learn how to breath to create relaxation within less than a minute, how to keep this calm state for as long as you want, and how to use your imagination to enhance your relaxation.

canstock-meditation-siobhan-photo8531680Using your personal relaxation preferences, Siobhan will create a bespoke recording for you to use whenever you like. It will back up all you have learned and give access to deep relaxation whenever you want.

This will help immensely towards lowering blood pressure/hypertension and also clears the mind for improved clarity of thought and decision making. It also can help greatly in relieving pain.

You will receive by email an MP3 file of the relaxation recording which you can download onto your phone or any device you have.

Gift Vouchers

The vouchers cost £55 and are excellent value. Order from Siobhan Nell on 07704 616900 or or visit

Siobhan Nell Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Siobhan has had a busy and successful practice in Ramsbury for just over 4 years. Her warmth, understanding and professionalism encourage confidence and give a firm foundation for clients’ desired positive change. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of this practice.

Constantly updating her training, Siobhan stays abreast of current insights in the world of neuroscience and “why we do what we do – and how to change that if it is not helping our wellbeing.”

Over the years clients have brought in a wide range of concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, eating issues, relationship issues, fears, phobias, emotional pain, physical pain, bad habits, feeling “stuck”, performance difficulties such as in sport and work e.g. public speaking, exam nerves, inability to identify or reach their goals and many other limiting behaviours.

In most cases these clients have left treatment not only with their issue having been resolved but also having faith in their own ability to enjoy and improve their lives, and being able to use their newly learned coping strategies to make the tough times easier.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses the best bits of the brief talking therapies including mind coaching, NLP, EMI, EFT, CBT, hypnotherapy, body language and breath work, counseling, sound common sense and kindness.


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