Penny Post April Quiz – the Answers

Welcome to the Penny Post April Hungerford Quiz, a seasonal brain-teaser about things related to April, or Easter, or Hungerford, or some combination of these. Solve the clues below then take the first letter of each answer and rearrange these to form a seasonal word, name or phrase. (If you write down the answers in the order in which they’re given below you will get another phrase which is neither seasonal nor the correct answer.)

Congratulations to Amanda Smith for winning a meal for two and a bottle house wine at The Hungerford Arms. Many thanks to Hugh Stanley for donating this generous prize.


Quiz Answers

1   In which Canadian province was the musician Avril Lavigne born? O Ontario, on 27 September 1984.

2   Which Keeffe wrote The Long Good Friday? B Barry Keefe. This is one of the great British gangster films, the final scene being particularly superb.

3   Which 1948 musical starred Judy Garland, Peter Lawford and Fred Astaire? E Easter Parade.

4   What is the name of the Hungerford Arms’ sister pub in London (ignore the ‘The’)? S The Sidney Arms in Chelsea.

5   Which king of England (reputed to be 6′ 4″ tall) died on 9 April? E Edward IV, in 1483.

6   What was known as Eddevetone in the Domesday Book? E Eddington.

7   The number 3 bus runs from Hungerford to where? N Newbury.

8   What takes place on the second Tuesday after the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox? T Tutti Day, on the second Tuesday after Easter.

9   Which Lane wrote about an April Fool in 1977? R Ronnie Lane of the Small Faces, the Faces and Slim Chance.

10  What will be formally tasted in Hungerford on 25 April? A. Ale, as part of the Hocktide ceremonies.

11  What major World War I offensive was launched on 16 April 1917? N The Nivelle Offensive.

12  Aries is one: what’s the other? T Taurus – these are the two signs of the zodiac that cover April.

13  According to the BBC Panorama programme, what was there a bumper harvest of in Italy in early April 1957? S Spaghetti. This was probably the most famous and almost certainly the most widely believed April-fool hoax ever perpetrated. 

So, that gives us O B E S E  E N T R A N T S which is, as I said above, neither a seasonal phrase nor the correct answer. After a little bit of rearrangement, however, one arrives at EASTER BONNETS which passes both these tests. Congratulations to Amanda Smith whose winning answer was the first one out of the hat and who wins the above-mentioned prize at The Hungerford Arms.

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