My passport to success? You bet it is!

This morning I was to be found rummaging in my bureau, searching for my passport.  It was exactly where I thought it should be (small miracle!) and I was able to give my details in seconds.  Am I booking a flight or trip abroad? No, I was giving my details for security clearance so that I can accept my invitation to attend a meeting at 10, Downing Street.

Yes, 10, Downing Street. I’ve been invited, along with several other female entrepreneurs and business women, to go and meet Lord Young and his Enterprise Nation team.  Yahoooo is what I say to that!

Vagina Dialogues and Talking Bollocks

I’m best known in my local community for the events I run, namely Vagina Dialogues for women (VD) and Talking Bollocks for men (TB).  These events (see upcoming dates below) are respectful, facilitated conversations and as well as supporting others, they’ve been a key part of my progress.  They’ve helped me to refine my thinking, my business processes, and to decide how I want my business to grow in the future.

They’ve also provided me with a lot of very funny conversations, allowed me to be the cheeky person that I often am and to realise that I LOVE selling something I totally believe in (however difficult some people find it when I mention the V word!).

However, the serious purpose behind the events was for me to decide how far I wanted to/could go with my bigger, even more important purpose.  Did I have the energy and passion to do what it takes to create and bring a long-term project to fruition?  Five years on, and the answer is a resounding YES!

The Pregnant Pause

And this bigger purpose? It stems from becoming a mother all those years ago, and realising how ill-equipped I was to fulfil this most crucial of roles. Have a squiz at this video (only 80 secs short) and you’ll get my bigger purpose immediately.

If you’ve met me, you’ll know that I absolutely have the vision, energy and passion for this.  I know about commitment and how to do long-term.  I’ve raised four daughters and, given that I mothered them all very differently, I have circa 130 years of priceless experience to bring to this project.  Skills and experience which are very transferable to the business world and beyond.

Back to Downing Street and the passport.  At 2pm on Thursday 15th March I’ll be going into No 10, ready to spread VD, TB and whatever else whilst I’m there! I’ve just received a briefing document which invites me to “think of a positive point or practical suggestion that you would like to raise during the meeting around what government can do to ensure your success.

I find it challenging to sit still for very long, but you can rest assured that for the next few days, I’ll be sitting VERY still and coming up with exactly what I think ‘me Lud’ and his team can do to ensure my success: I will NOT be talking bollocks that day!  Do I mean business?  Is this my passport to success?  You bet.  Not just my success, but the success of the Pregnant Pause project.  This is just the beginning….

Lis Allen
Lis Allen Personal Development

Upcoming Events with Lis

Vagina Dialogues: London – Wed 21st March – ladies, book here NOW!

Vagina Dialogues: Hungerford – Tues 15th May

Talking Bollocks: Hungerford – Fri 15th June – gents, book here NOW!


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