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Swindon MS Therapy Centre Thanks to Penny Post reader Una Parkes for letting us know about her recent Oxygen Therapy treatment to speed recovery from an operation. Her surgeon had never seen anyone heal so quickly.

Oxygen Therapy treatment is often the reason sports stars are back playing 3 weeks after a ham string injury, when a doctor tells you it will take 6 weeks. It helps you heal quicker and helps prevent infections. You don’t need to have many treatments (known as dives) for it to be effective.


How does Oxygen Therapy work?

The pressurised oxygen reaches areas of poor blood flow and enhances the body’s ability to repair itself.

Oxygen Therapy Centre When we breathe in air, only 21% is oxygen; the remainder is composed of nitrogen and other gases. Oxygen is a great natural healing agent, and in order to increase the supply, it must be breathed at an increased pressure. Oxygen Therapy administers 100 percent oxygen at pressures greater than atmospheric (sea level) pressure to a patient in a specially designed acrylic chamber.

When this is done, something extraordinary happens; swelling around nerve tissue reduces and blood vessels constrict, and oxygen involves into the plasma preventing leakage, this allows repair to take place. This helps to avoid the formation of scars (sclerosis) which can lead to permanent impairment of nerve function.

What does Oxygen Therapy help with?
  • increased energy levels & less ‘brain fog’
  • decompression sickness & carbon monoxide poisoning
  • faster recovery from operations, injuries, illnesses, cancer
  • cerebral palsy, brain injury, strokes, Parkinsons
  • autism, global learning deficiency, starvation of oxygen at birth
  • slower progression of MS
How long does it take?

Each session lasts an hour, with an additional 10 minutes or so to allow the chamber to pressurise and depressurise. We also recommend that following each session, you spend a few minutes relaxing over a cup of tea or coffee. You may feel a little more tired during the first few days, so make sure your schedule isn’t too strenuous – otherwise there are no side effects..

Where can you get Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy is available at Swindon MS Therapy Centre which is proud to be part of the community and to be able to offer their specialist services to the surrounding area. They are self funded and rely significantly on donations and volunteering support to exist. To donate please visit: www.localgiving.com/charity/swindontherapycentre  For further information call 01793 481 700


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