October in the Chicken Run

On a nice dry day let your chickens out first thing in the morning – then arm yourself with a fairly long bristled brush, a small pail and a gallon or two of Creocote (formerly called Creosote).  You may still be able to purchase Creosote if you have a holding number or a farm otherwise go for the new option.

I recommend coating both the inside and outside of the chicken house.  Especially under the perches – and if your perches are removable I would take out and make sure you give a good brushing to both the perch and the piece of wood it sits on.  If the houses are done nice and early they will easily dry if you leave them open all day and will be lovely and fresh when you put clean shavings in before the hens go to bed.  I would also include the nest boxes making sure they are dry too before putting the new shavings and soft hay on the top.

This treatment not only preserves the wood but also will be a strong deterrent for harbouring red mite and lice etc.  The outside of the chicken house can be done last as it will not matter if it isn’t dry before the evening.  You can also use other wood treatments on the outside if preferred.  Lots of people these days decorate their poultry houses and paint with different colours – whatever your preference it is an important way of waterproof the wood and providing a dry and draft free home for your hens.  After all they will reward you with loads of eggs if they are happy and healthy!

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or need any chicken supplies.

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