My Cat Diet Diary by Nimbus – Week 1

Nimbus cat diet

Tuesday 5 January

Well I’m not sure I remember signing up for all this New Year Resolution business. Just because Mrs Vet said before Christmas that I was overweight I don’t see what the fuss is about. I’m just getting a bit more cuddly that’s all. Really no need to get any help. The way I manage to get my family to feed me at the moment is just fine. With so many people coming and going I can persuade at least three people a day that I haven’t been fed for weeks.

Well I suppose, looked at from this angle, the vet might have a point


Well I suppose, looked at from this angle, Mrs Vet might have a teeny weeny point








N worried food going crop BQ8.45am

Please tell me this chap isn’t taking all my food away! Is he from the vet? I promise I’ll never lie about meals again. Cross my heart.








Nimbus Cat Diet


Phew! Nice new food. Nice man after all.

The best news is that the nice man says I’m 6.2 kg so I don’t have to lose too much (told you so Mrs Vet) and this diet won’t have to last for long.

But actually this new food tastes rather good…


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  1. Nimbus, would you consider contesting ‘The Biggest Loser?’ You certainly have TV appeal, and this could make you a celebrity! You’d be invited to endless glamorous events, all with heaps of lip- smacking fab food …

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