New Year Resolutions for the lazy

New Year Resolutions for the mentally and physically lazy – little effort required.

1. Always refill the ice tray.  This is our only house rule and everyone sticks to it because the fall out is nuclear if not adhered to.
2. Dry January – GHASTLY idea ( you know who you are oh smug ones).  Is it worth considering moderation all year ??
3. Smile more.  Start with a seasonal wintry smile, go on to a grimace and end up with another seasonal sunny grin.
4. Don’t give up social media just throw away your phone or give it away to an Albanian moped mugger.
5. Sexercise – need I say more . . .
6. Declutter.  I do realise this involves effort but you can delegate and then enjoy the huge bonfire of the vanities that follows.
7. Worry less.  SOOO much easier to think the glass is half full, and it requires far fewer trips to the bar.
8. Get out of your comfort zone at least once in 2018 – helicopter lesson, camel trek, new hair cut, join or start a political party whatever floats your boat but relish the danger.
10. Buy a fountain pen, write a letter and stick it in the post.  It doesn’t take much effort (if you can remember where to buy a stamp) and the recipient will be thrilled.

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