New Year Resolutions – just don’t!

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Happy New Year!

Post Christmas and New Year excess, we normally make some resolutions. Often these are about not doing something– lose weight, stop smoking, drink less – and come from feeling negative about ourselves.  Its not surprising if we soon forget them or they fail, as who wants to dwell on the bad things?

A more effective way is choose something positive that you want to do. To go dancing, to use the juicer you got for Christmas, to go to yoga, maybe to go see a Life Coach and sort something out? Yet positive resolutions can have a negative impact, as they add to our lives more things to do, when our lives are often manic enough. So again the resolution is lost, and we feel bad about failing, and… I’ll have a large one.

So this year I’m urging you not to make New Year resolutions that you later beat yourself up with for not doing. If you want to make changes in your life you’ll need space to do that and time to reflect. Rather than doing something, find time to let yourself think and feel. This is something the Life Coaching I offer can help with, but you might meditate, use a journal, or just sit and do nothing with a cup of tea and reflect about your day.

Whatever you resolve to do, stop doing, or want to change, time is also really important. We live in a world that expects instant communication and gratification. Change happens slowly – that’s how the brain works – it takes 3-6 months of persistent practice to change a habit or establish a new pattern. You can’t bring about long term change with a week’s diet, detox or intensive gym work; it takes small persistent changes over a long period.

My own long term aim is to “do less”, make more space. My assistant Jessica does that very well and is a great model for all of us who spend time being busy.

So Happy New Year, be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to just be.


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