My Cat Diary by Nimbus – Week 2

Nimbus cat diet

Tuesday 12 January

Nimbus dictating diaryFirst of all I would like to thank everyone who was interested in my first diary entry last week. I wasn’t sure at first what Jenny Basford meant in her comment when she said I could be ‘The Biggest Loser’ but then I realised she was suggesting I could be a weight-loss celebrity rather than a looserrrr.

This week I thought you’d like to see how I write my diary. Humans do have a few uses, and this one likes to slump in a chair next to the fire with a writing device on his lap so I find this a comfortable opportunity to dictate my diary.

So this week has not been as bad as I feared what with the new diet and everything (thanks to Mrs Vet). We still get two meals a day but only from Mum and Dad now – no point pretending to all and sundry that we’re starving. The portions are a bit smaller but I’m not as hungry as I thought I would be.

Marmite trying to open cupboard 2The funny thing is that my brother Marmite – I knew I was going to have to introduce him sooner or later – still thinks our food is kept in the kitchen cupboard. Duh. He has scratched the door so badly over the years trying to get at our food that Mum says the door needs replacing.

I’m sure he eats as much as me but somehow he stays skinny. But he’s not very clever. He doesn’t realise that our new food is in a bucket – because it has a tight-fitting lid he can’t smell the food inside it.

Well I’m bored of watching him do that now. If I’m going to become a celebrity I’d better get some more beauty sleep…


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  1. Hello again Nimbus,
    So sorry I confused you by talking of a TV show that finished in your country when you were a kitten! However I know a little thing like that won’t stop you becoming a celebrity. Just keep up your beauty sleep, don’t eat between meals (although there is tempting fodder outdoors) and learn to take a selfie.

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