How to Move Your Home into Autumn

Autumn is definitely with us. The leaves have changed colour and there was a serious frost this morning, so it’s time to transition your home into the rich, early colours of the season.

The bright, crisp colours and fabrics of summer need to be moved out; dry clean (if appropriate) and store the items you want to use next year and send the rest to a worthy charity. (Our chosen charity is NSPCC). As the intensity of daylight diminishes the summer interiors no longer work. I’m one of the biggest fans of summer, but sadly all good things come to an end. But my glass is definitely more than half full; I’m revelling in all things autumnal.

You don’t need to have a complete overhaul or make dramatic changes in order to move into Autumn. I thinks it’s all about working with the basics you already have and adding to them, enhancing them.

My tips for moving your home into autumn are:

  1. Introduce deep, rich colours. Earthy and burnt orange tones are great and reflect the foliage changes outside. I love the warmth of Kale and I’m very excited by Shadow.
  2. Use the colour base you already have and layer on deeper tones.
  3. Use colour in unexpected places such as the inside of lamp shades, the back wall of cupboards or the edge of doors.
  4. Use tactile textiles such as chenilles, velvets, wools or silks
  5. Add texture such as cable knits, deep piles, thicker throws and trimmings
  6. Add layers such as rugs over carpets or rugs or 3D artwork
  7. Be clever with lighting to add depth and interest
  8. Stock up on kindling and logs and enjoy lots of fires


Jewel tone upholstered sofa
Source: GP&J Baker
Tree Lined Driveway
Source: Signature Interiors

Above all pull on a woollen jumper and head outdoors to make the most of this wonderful season!

If you desire a beautiful home with elegant style and timeless interiors, please contact Liz at Signature Interiors to arrange a consultation


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