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At this time of the year, the thoughts of many school-levers are turning to their gap year. Some might have planned their trip months ago: for others, Lonely Planet guides are now being consulted, websites checked, prices compared, recommendations sought and travel companions sounded out. Maps of Thailand, Peru and the European rail network are being pored over. Some might be digging out that mobile number or email address of the young Australian couple they met after an all-night rave last year in Ayia Napa who said: ‘mate, you must look us up if ever you’re in Brisbane.’

However, gap years are not just for the young. More people are starting to have their gap year later in life. Often it wasn’t an option for us then – but times are changing.

For such people, a visit to Alex Garland’s Thai beach or two days in the corridor of a train inching its way towards Athens doesn’t cut it. With age comes a certain sense of discrimination. As well as the desire for a bit of the unusual or unexpected, cultural or more reflective pursuits will test a bit higher. Fine dining and good wine might come into the equation: so too might experiencing something mind-blowing and totally out of your comfort zone.

By their nature, unusual or mind-blowing experiences can be quite hard to identify. Yes, the internet and personal recommendations can help. However, if this is really going to live up to what you want it to be, you need a bit of expert help.

This is where Fare Wise Travel comes into its own. We are experts who have been in the travel industry for years. We know the ropes and many of the pitfalls. We’ve put together numerous itineraries of different kinds for people of every age and budget. Foreign travel – like financial investments – require compromises between security and adventure. We know about that too. Some people want to have most details nailed down in advance, others want to keep their options open. That’s no problem either.

As well as being informed, our advice will be impartial. We’re independent so we can offer advice on all carriers, accommodation, arrangements and destinations to give you the combination you’re after.

Above all, you can talk to us face to face, not via long-delayed emails or website FAQs that answer every question except the one you want answered. You tell us what you’re after and, if you want it, ask our advice, and we’ll make it happen. And, if there’s a problem before, during or after your trip, we’ll be able to help you sort it out.

It gets even better. You don’t have to travel far to find out more. We’re in Hungerford High Street, almost underneath the railway bridge. From Hungerford station you can only get as far as Paddington: but, with out help, that could be the start of a journey that will be the envy of your teenage children. They might have decided on an Inter Rail ticket. But, with our help, you don’t have to…

Pop in – or call or email us – with your ideas, however embryonic, and we’ll do our best to exceed whatever dreams you have.

Fare Wise Travel
5 Kennet House, 19 High Street, Hungerford RG17 0NL
Tel: 01488 686 858
Email: hung@farewise.com


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