How to have a lovely garden without using chemicals

Many thanks to PP reader Carole Ruse for sending in these photos of her garden which she manages to keep lovely without slug pellets or weed killers:

This potted Dahlia has been over wintered in the greenhouse. I use copper tape around the pots (which has been in place a couple of years now) and gravel right to the top of the pot under the plant, to deter slugs. Very minimal damage on these as you can see. I also grow enough plants of each species that a few can be spared for the slugs.  Hedgehogs are brilliant as are the birds for controlling greenfly and slugs. Song thrushes and blackbirds especially love slugs.

a“The photos of the border just shows the variety of plants crammed in to make it harder for weeds to get hold. 

Those that come up are usually long and leggy and once they go higher than the plants I pull them out. 

I allow cow parsley, mint and nettles to grow in the borders if they want to and just control them by pulling out if they get too invasive.

The nettles provide hosting nurseries for butterflies and the dandelions supplement feed for my house rabbits. We mulch spring and autumn to suppress the weeds.


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