Local Honey Suppliers

We are lucky to have a lot of beekeepers in our local area who sell delicious local honey that also has possible health benefits for people who suffer from allergies. This is because the bees collect pollen from the plants that often cause these allergies, so eating the honey may build up hay fever resistance.

This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a long list of local honey suppliers. If you would like to be added to this page, please contact penny@pennypost.org.uk.

Ridgeway Bees
We sell the bees’ surplus honey and our handmade beeswax and honey products.
Inkpen Wild Flower Honey: 01488 668222
Address: Crumplehorn Cottage, Inkpen Common, RG17 9QS
Great Shefford
Hillside House Summer Honey: 07827 959094
Website: hillsidehousehoney.co.uk

Jan’s Honey: Stocked at Great Shefford Village Shop and Cobbs Farm Shop.


Berkshire Honey: 07879 490396
FB: @BerkshireHoney

Available from Mildenhall & Bullock (Kintbury Butcher’s) and Saddleback Farm Shop

Ben’s Berkshire Bees

Hives in the Thatcham area.



Two Cocks Farm Honey: 07799 596419
Address: Two Cocks Farm, Church Lane, Enborne, Newbury. Collect from Two Cocks Farm gate
Thatcham to Theale

Mr Smith’s Honey: www.mrsmithshoney.co.uk
FB: @mrsmithshoney

Available from the village shop in Woolhampton

Picture of Mr Smith's honey
Paddock Bees: paddockbees@gmail.com 
Instagram: PaddockBees

Based in Newbury on Paddock Road


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  1. Hi,
    Do you know of any local honey suppliers in the Wokingham area? Needs to be honey from the Wokingham area, we have one Wokingham supplier but the demand is so high for him to keep up and we need another supplier for up to an extra 30 jars a month.
    Kind regards

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