Local Free Range Turkeys

Here at Walters Turkeys we have been producing the finest quality Christmas turkeys since 1911 by carefully selecting slow growing breeds that reach full maturity naturally. All our turkeys have plenty of space to run about in and enjoy natural daylight on our Bower Farm situated high up on the Berkshire Downs adjacent to the Ridgeway.

Walters TurkeyFrom late summer our Free Range Turkeys (Bronze and White Turkeys) live in large airy barns that open on to green downland fields.  Every day they explore their natural surroundings pecking at the grass and bales in the fresh air fed on our home grown cereals all milled on the farm. No growth promoters are ever added to the food.  Meanwhile our Traditional barn reared white turkeys live in spacious straw bedded barns.

The Organic Turkeys are reared in exactly the same way on a local organic farm, and fed on high quality organic feed.  We are one of the few Organic Turkey producers in the country that hang and dry pluck their turkeys in the traditional way.

We believe our turkeys are full of flavour and very moist due to the traditional methods used to prepare the turkeys. We dry pluck all our turkeys and they are hand finished (this includes the the wing tips which we do not chop off) and then they are hung for at least 7 days in refrigerated storage rooms.  The turkeys are then dressed in our purpose built preparation area.  The turkeys in the supermarket are not the same.

walters-turkeys-slicingYour turkey will be ready for the oven, with a free pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary. The Pop-Up ® helps you to cook the turkey to perfection. Simply insert it into the Turkey before cooking and when it’s ready it will pop up.

In addition to whole turkeys we also supply Turkey Crowns and Turkey Breast Roasts (Butterflies).

How to store & cook your turkey

Recipe ideas for leftovers!

How to Order

You can purchase Walters Turkeys from one of the many local farm shops and butchers that we supply. Click here to find your local stockist.

Alternatively you can order your Traditional Christmas Turkey directly from us to collect from Bower Farm, Aldworth RG8 9TR. We can take orders over the phone on 01635 578251 or by ordering online with a £20 deposit. Our normal collection day is Friday 23rd December and we open from 9am – 6pm. When collecting your turkey you can pay the balance by card, cash or cheque.

If you would like a fresh Turkey for another occasion such as Thanksgiving or early Christmas parties please call us directly.

In December we like to make sure that our meat is not wasted.   When producing crowns and breast we have leftover turkey joints that we donate to local charities, such as Fair Close Day Centre in Newbury, a day centre to support the elderly.



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